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Blood Pressure Readings for Children

High blood pressure and blood sugar is affecting children at random rate. The condition is more observant in children below 3 years of age. The Journal of the American Medical Association has recently published an article about the research conducted by National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) on high blood pressure in children. The study has revealed that average blood pressure in children has risen to two points in the year 1988 and 2000.

Doctors and medical experts say that the reason behind elevated level of blood pressure in children is mainly due to obesity and overweight symptoms. Therefore, it has become prime responsibility of parents to keep an account of blood pressure readings so that diagnosis at right time shall help to abate further problems. Before getting a deeper insight about this, you must know the normal levels of blood pressure for children of different age groups.

Normal Blood Pressure for Children

Children always have blood pressure level lower than adults. The readings differ according to age and physical activity. The average values of blood pressure readings explained below will help you understand if your child has normal blood pressure or not.

Age Group (Years) Blood Pressure
Boys Girls
1 – 4 85/37 – 93/50 86/40 – 91/52
5 – 8 93/53 – 97/59 91/54 – 98/58
9 -12 100/61 – 106/62 100/59 – 105/62
13 – 17 106/62 – 118/67 107/63 – 111/66

The chart provides you the approximate data for normal blood pressure in children. However when symptoms of high blood pressure are detected then the particular guideline laid by Center of Disease Control (CDC) is followed. There’s a standard data consisting of a percentile chart that specifically measures the blood pressure based on height, age, weight, gender and Body Mass Index. This is much more informative and accurate.

Causes of High Blood Pressure in Children

When the readings exceed the normal levels, then the child is known to be suffering from high blood pressure. But how to detect the symptoms? Your child might have normal weight but excessive stress and hypertension can enhance blood pressure levels. One or two year old babies are often seen crying in excess, accompanied by irritation and no gain in weight. These symptoms should be diagnosed carefully as they often lead to high blood pressure.

The main reason behind high blood pressure is obesity and weight gain. Lack of physical activities and bad diet leads to obesity in kids. Medical conditions like heart abnormalities, kidney diseases, adrenal disorders and Type 1 diabetes are also responsible for high blood pressure in children. Sometimes children have genetic defects that lead to random weight again and high pulse rate.

Blood Sugar Readings for Children

Blood sugar plays a very vital role in maintaining good health. Children can also suffer from high blood glucose leading to diabetes. This often happens due to insulin deficiency. Statistical study by National Institutes of Health has observed that 2% of people under age group 15 suffer from juvenile diabetes. The condition is reverse in few cases with symptoms of lower blood glucose than normal. This condition is known as hypoglycemia. The table below will let you know the approximate values of normal blood glucose level in children.

Age (years) Blood Glucose (mg/dl)
1 – 5 100 – 180
6 -12 90 – 180
12 – 19 90 – 130

High blood sugar in children leads to blurred vision, extreme hunger, thirst and sweating. In extreme cases it leads to uneven heart palpitations, seizures and tremors. Weight loss, extreme fatigue and tremors are some of the symptoms of high blood sugar in children. Hormonal imbalance can either trigger levels of insulin or lower its secretion. This is the main reason for hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, respectively.

It’s vital to know the normal range of blood pressure so that you come to know the possible fluctuations. You should always seek medical help if the values deviate from the normal blood pressure readings for children. In any case if you observe the aforementioned symptoms, make an effort to get a thorough check up done for your child from a reputed doctor as early as possible. Early diagnoses can certainly cure any disorders associated with deviation of blood pressure from normal.

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