Carrot Juice and Cancer

Carrots are an excellent source of beta carotene and vitamin A. They are also good sources of fiber, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, etc. In fact, studies have shown that carrots and cancer have a significant link. Its juice is believed to be extremely potent in reducing the risk of different types of cancers.

Health Benefits and Cancer

Nutrients in Carrot Juice
The juice of this vegetable has been touted as the miracle juice all over the world. It is fully loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other substances essential for good health. The juice has vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B1, and B6, along with iron, calcium, sulfur, copper, chlorine, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, and potassium. Each of these vitamins and minerals play their role to the fullest to make this juice an unbeatable prospect when it comes to dealing with cancer. In addition to this, the juice contains beta carotene, which is a potent weapon against cancer.

Major Beneficial Nutrients
Vitamin E: The first strong contender in carrot working against cancer is the vitamin E, which exists in three chemical forms – alpha, beta, and gamma tocopherol. These are together called vitamin E complex. According to a study, a relation has been established between vitamin E and growth and division of cells essential to keep the tissues healthy. Studies show that when cancerous tissues were placed in blood serum loaded with vitamin E in laboratory conditions, they did not grow. In addition to this, vitamin E improves immunity and inner strength of your body, which may also help deal with cancer.

Vitamin A: Eating carrots or having its juice may help regain 6 by 6 eyesight. This property is imparted to it due to the presence of vitamin A, which is abundant in it. 200 grams of carrot juice has 50,000 or more units of vitamin A.

Beta Carotene: Carrot juice may keep off breast and skin cancer due to the amount of beta carotene it has. Primarily beta carotene is an antioxidant which eliminates free radicals from the body. It also takes care of the skin by preventing cell degeneration. Consequently, it also prevents the process of aging. Apart from this, the anti-cancer properties of this vegetable prevents cancer.

Other Nutrients
Other nutrients like vitamin B and C help in the maintenance and stimulation of necessary body functions like metabolism, healthy teeth and bones, bracing up the immune system, improving digestion, enhancing vision, good skin, etc. These as a whole prevent lung cancer and blood cancer.

Many nutritionists and dietitians recommend the consumption of this vegetable because of its numerous health benefits.

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