Hats for Cancer Patients

Studies have proven the efficacy and benefits of chemotherapy and radiation in cancer treatment. According to the statistical records of the American Cancer Society, about 650,000 Americans undergo chemotherapy every year. Cancer patients who undergo such radiation therapies have to face certain side-effects like alopecia. It is a medical term for hair loss from some or all parts of the body. Some patients lose patches of hair, while some might go completely bald. Therefore, these patients not only have to contend with the cancer, but also have to learn how to accept their new look bravely. A bald scalp fails to protect the head from the cold and sunburns. Wearing comfortable hats becomes a necessity. They not only help the patients fend off the cold, but also give them the confidence to walk around comfortably in public.

Different Hats for Cancer Patients

Generally, hats available in the market are designed to be worn over a full head of hair. They are often scratchy and rough. Secondly, they are also not good enough to cover the entire back of the head. Thirdly, the available ones often contain wool, which can cause harm to highly sensitive patients. Therefore, most of the time, it is difficult for such patients to get a suitable hat. One of the best options would be to go for cotton ones, as they are soft and comfortable to wear. Nowadays, many well-known brands are dedicated to making hats especially for cancer patients. They are called chemotherapy hats. They are mostly made of cotton, and are designed in such a way that they cover the entire neck too. They are also available with wigs attached to them.

Free of Cost

Getting treatment for a life-threatening disease like cancer, is in itself quite expensive. Purchasing headgear is an obvious additional monetary burden. One can easily get a suitable hat for free. Different ways of getting a free chemotherapy hat are mentioned below.

  • There are many charitable organizations that work for cancer awareness, and raise money for cancer research and treatment. These charities arrange and donate the items needed by cancer patients to hospitals and cancer treatment centers registered under them. The latter two donate the hats to the patients. If one is getting treatment from an unregistered organization, one should apply for registration. One would need to personally approach the charitable organizations, and provide them with the necessary details about the organization in question.
  • One can also get it directly from such a charity. Adequate information including the contact details is displayed on their websites. Generally, they send a package to the needy.
  • Many on-site shops, which sell materials needed by cancer patients have free hats. This is another way of getting it for free. Not only patients, but their family members and friends can also wear them, just to show their support and involvement in the battle against this tumultuous disease.

Cancer hats can be donated to charities and other organizations working for this cause. A fundraiser party or function could also be organized to express concern and support towards these patients. Such a gathering could be held at a hospital, restaurant, church, or a park. There are many people who show their concern for such patients by crocheting or stitching hats. They make them so beautiful that they appear to be worn by choice and not because of necessity. There are still others who just buy them from companies, which aid cancer research and cancer support programs.

The courage and determination of people suffering from this disease is remarkable; hats off to them. A hat cannot help a cancer patient in improving his health, but it surely comforts him at the psychological level.

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