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Yellow Teeth Causes

Pure, white teeth are very rare. These days, models and actor-actresses, even common people regularly opt for teeth whitening methods. The natural color of our teeth is slightly yellowish and not pure white. The yellowness varies from person to person. Yellow teeth causes can be extrinsic (caused by external factors) or intrinsic (caused by internal factors). With proper care and hygiene, you can maintain the original color of your teeth.

Lack of Hygiene: Lack of dental hygiene or lack of proper dental care is the main cause of this condition. Many children or even elderly people brush their teeth in the morning, but they do not brush their teeth before going into bed. Flossing after eating, brushing your teeth at least twice everyday is absolutely essential if you wish to maintain the white color. Flossing and brushing is necessary to remove plaque and stain-producing substances. Cleanliness also helps avoid bad breath and tooth decay.
Genetic Factors: If your teeth are yellow right from your childhood, then the reason can be due to genetic factors. You can consult your dentist for knowing natural ways to whiten teeth. The dentist will also provide information on how to bleach teeth at home. Genetic factors leading to weak tooth structure right from birth can also be a contributing factor. Ill-formed enamel (the hard surface of the teeth) or dentin (the layer under the enamel) is an example of weak tooth structure.
Food and Beverages: Consumption of too much soda pop can remove the white enamel of your teeth. Similarly, consumption of excessive amount of sugar (cakes, chocolates, desserts, sweetened juices, and soft drinks, etc.) can also remove the outer coating of your teeth, and your teeth may turn yellow. Another main culprit is caffeine. Those who often drink tea or coffee tend to have much yellower teeth than non-drinkers.
Diseases: This condition can be caused by a disease affecting the enamel and dentin. There are several diseases, which can lead to discoloration of teeth. Sometimes, treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy can make your teeth turn yellow. Pregnant mothers should take care of themselves, as certain infections during pregnancy can cause tooth discoloration in the infant by affecting enamel development.
Braces: First of all, let me clear the point that braces do not cause discoloring of the teeth. But, those who wear braces, should remember that they need to triple their maintenance routine to ensure the optimal health of their pearly white teeth. Poor dental health can impart a yellowish tint to the teeth. After removing the braces, the dentist may recommend whitening treatment.
Alcohol and Tobacco: The nicotine in cigarettes causes discoloration of teeth. Yellowing due to smoking, may be a reason for teeth to turn black afterwards. Avoid chewing tobacco, and even drinking plenty of red wine. Avoiding these foods and drinks can definitely save your trip to the dentist for a teeth whitening procedure.
Trauma: Trauma or accidents can damage internal portions of one or more teeth. Even a fall can affect the procedure of enamel formation in young, growing children. This can cause discoloration of the affected teeth. Tooth decay can also lead to yellowish or blackish tint.
Aging: Just as your hair turn grayish, your teeth might also turn yellowish, as an effect of aging. Losing the natural color, developing stains on the teeth is quite natural for elderly people.
Effects of Drugs: Certain antibiotics or certain other medications can also cause discoloration. Excessive use of medications should always be avoided.
You can simply avoid the foods and beverages that cause yellowing of your teeth. You may learn proper brushing and flossing techniques required to maintain dental hygiene. You should consult your dentist immediately if you feel that the color of your teeth is changing.
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