Diabetic Shoes for Men

Nearly 10-15% people develop problems of foot ulcers due to diabetes. The reasons for foot problems can be related to diabetic neuropathy that delays the ability of the body to heal wounds. Foot related problems due to this disease have become a major cause for amputation in the US. Diabetes triggers the risk of amputation, as it lowers the ability of the immune system, and weakens the nerves and arteries of the feet. Thus, a specialized pair of shoes has been developed to give relief to the patients. Such shoes have become an essential need in the US, as they act as a therapeutic footwear that helps in the healing of strain and foot ulcers. Diabetes socks, is another important feature for relieving diabetic patients from strain and pain. These socks are designed in such a way as to reduce moisture so that the risk of infection is minimized. The non-binding top of the diabetic socks helps in improving blood circulation.

How to Buy These Shoes
Diabetic shoes must not be picked up randomly, instead, schedule an appointment with your pedorthist so that you can discuss the ifs and buts related to the shoes. The pedorthist will take the dimensions of your feet by standard scales and will make recommendations for a suitable pair of shoes. Further, he will ask you various questions related to your medical history, medications, treatment and operations (if any) that you’ve undergone. Based on all the analysis, he’ll suggest you a perfect pair of shoes.

If the pedorthist advises some inserts in your shoes, ensure that you follow his recommendations. In today’s time, the Internet has become the easiest mode of shopping and so you can buy latest brands of diabetic shoes from online stores. There is also a wide variety of dress diabetic shoes, men can avail to wear on more formal occasions. While ordering the shoes, choose the online shopping stores that favor exchange and return of products so that you can return them, if the shoes don’t fulfill your requirements. The shoes must be such that they provide proper ventilation to the feet so that there is a feeling of comfort while wearing them.

Tips and Reminders for the Maintenance of Shoes
A minor injury or mishap can become an emergency for a diabetic patient so it is mandatory that the diabetic shoes are properly maintained and used carefully. Here are some tips that might be advised to you by your medical expert:

  • Avoid wearing sandals and other fashionable shoes that can cause problems to your feet.
  • Always wear suitable floaters/diabetic shoes indoors and outdoors.
  • Heating the feet for prolonged period using room heaters or heating pads, must be avoided.
  • During winters, avoid walking without warm socks and shoes that have been advised by the expert. Don’t let the feet turn cold, as it may cause or aggravate existing health problems.
  • Keep the shoes in a clean place and check them occasionally for things, like, nails and other external objects in and around them before putting them on. Don’t tread in areas where you can easily come in contact with such things, wearing the shoes.
  • Always make it a habit a to wear socks along with shoes.
  • Avoid even a minor cut on your toe. Remember, even a small cut from clipping toenails is potentially harmful for a diabetic patient, as it takes longer to heal.
  • Keep a regular check for the health of your feet. Examine them for redness, swelling and other unusual symptoms.
  • It is ideal to buy an extra pair of shoes and wear them alternately.

In recent years, different shoe styles have appeared in the market that you can purchase, depending on your choice and comfort. Since, this article focuses on the shoes for male diabetic patients, that doesn’t mean that there are no diabetic shoes for women. Even female patients can benefit from these specialized shoes and keep their diabetes under control.

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