Diabetic Shoes for Women

Insulin is a hormone that is produced in the pancreas of the human body. Insulin is a very important hormone that helps the cells of the body to absorb glucose and metabolize it. Diabetes mellitus is a disorder in which, the insulin is either not produced properly or does not have an effect on the level of blood sugar in the body. This imbalance of insulin leads to many different ailments.

Benefits for Women

Diabetic shoes are designed by keeping in mind, all the foot-related problems that a diabetic person may suffer from. The following are some of the prominent characteristics of these specialized shoes:

  • Most of the diabetic shoes have a very wide and high toe box. Such a roomy and big toe box ensures that the skin on the foot is not stretched and rubbed excessively against the side of the shoe. Many physicians also recommend the use of diabetic socks. Women need not worry about the safety of these socks, as they are also made up of a soft material, and are roomy and comfortable.
  • Many footwear manufacturers and producers of orthopedic shoes, have launched products, that women can use with a formal attire. These shoes are usually made of soft, artificial leather and have a very soft padding inside. The artificial leather is more like a fabric and is porous, which keeps the foot well ventilated.
  • The enclosure of the shoe, where the foot actually goes in, is padded with soft fiber and is flexible. This kind of footwear prevents the skin from chafing and pinching.
  • Another advantage of such footwear is that, the skin does not get sweaty and smelly. The fabric that provides ventilation, prevents the skin from becoming moist with sweat. This ensures that less amount of microbes exist in the areas around the foot.

Diabetes and Human Foot

Diabetes affects almost all the systems in the human body. Among external organs, the feet are affected the most. Diabetes weakens the immune system, due to which, wounds that are caused on the body take a long time to heal. Thus, it is extremely important for diabetic patients to protect their feet from even the smallest of the wound. A wound on the foot is especially dangerous, as it is a body part that sweats more. In addition to that, there are also several fungi and bacteria that thrive in the foot region and can cause intense infections. Such infections can also further complicate into gangrene.

The oil release and sweating patters of a person suffering from diabetes, go off balance. Due to this, the skin, bones, and joints of the foot also start losing strength. The nervous system in the region also tends to become weak. Due to all these reasons, it is necessary for a woman to protect her feet from all types of damages and infections, if she is suffering from diabetes. Hence, it is always advisable to use orthopedic shoes, which are designed to protect the feet, keep the body well-balanced on two feet, and also, offer some relaxation.

Most diabetic shoes are not exactly fashionable, but they play a highly instrumental role in preventing the breakage of the skin. This kind of footwear almost eliminates the probability of gangrene.

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