Eat, Breathe and Live Healthfully

In order to be tranquil, one must eat, breathe, and live healthfully.

We take more tranquillizers in the U.S. than in the rest of the world combined. Tranquility does not come from a pill. Road rage, gasoline station and tollbooth shootings, and generally rude behavior in stores, on the telephone, and even in recreational settings are becoming increasingly
more common. Theories abound for the decay in respect for others that we are experiencing. Some say the loss is due to our decline of societal structure, sense of community, and shared values. Others point their finger to the influence of the internet, citing the increased sense of anonymity we experience today, and the falsely inflated sense of power that often accompanies it. One theory is that people get upset, and sometimes act out violently, when they feel their rights or privileges have been disrespected by others, as occurs when people interpret the “rules of the road,” or the “rules of social behavior” differently. Sometimes rudeness by others is intentional, but just as often, it is not meant as rudeness, and only perceived that way. Many times, such misunderstandings are simply the result of clashing cultural differences. Lateness, unrelated stresses, crowded conditions, shortages, financial and relationship influences, a general loss of civility and respect for authority, and even the media’s push to have us “looking out for number one” have all combined to promote social unrest and antisocial behavior.

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