Cardio vs Weight Training for Fat Loss w/ Jen Bruno

Jen is one of Chicago’s top personal trainers. We caught up to discuss some of the top tips she’s learned over the past 30 years of consistent weight lifting.

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————————————– Key Timestamps———————————-

09:26 Rest is vital. Jen trains 5 days a week.
10:13 Jen does in home personal training.
10:32 The workout isn’t everything. More goes into fitness and wellness.
11:57 We erroneously think that we can eat or drink anything we want if we go to the gym and work it off.
13:16 Working harder physically doesn’t necessarily produce what you want if you are not sleeping or are stressed, with physical manifestations.
14:08 The food reward for workout expenditure theory does not work. Cardio can increase your appetite, but sometimes it is habit driven.
16:32 Weight training has a much more positive impact upon hormones, brain function, body weight and chemical balance.
18:10 Lifting weights is cardio. Everyone should do step ups. Walking is good for everyone. Not everyone should be jumping.
21:16 Adaptation happens in rest.
24:23 Intermittent fasting has many health benefits, but it is tricky hormonally for women.
27:05 Personal experience is everything. Discovering your lifestyle that makes you feel at your best takes a long time.
29:05 Enjoy the process of transformation. We give up too soon. We are impatient with results. Get realistic.
31:06 Jen journals her workouts. She makes shifts intuitively.
33:05 Keep the momentum. If you don’t feel like doing a big workout, do a small one.

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