Carnivore is Best Diet Depression and Anxiety, Says Amber O’Hearn

Amber O’Hearn discusses how going on a carnivore diet (plant-free) helped her get off anxiety and depression medications for life.

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03:50 In 2009, Amber discovered the carnivore diet in an obscure forum.
08:12 Amber’s biggest stumbling block was the assumption that health depended upon plants.
10:55 Amber had a long history of mood disorders, which she did not associate with diet.
13:08 When Amber started her all meat diet, she immediately began dropping weight. After a time on the diet, her mood problem had vanished.
15:50 Plants have defenses like shells or thorns, as well as chemical pesticides. Even those versions bred to be less toxic, still contain toxins.
18:30 Hormesis: It is unrealistic to get a therapeutic antioxidant dose from the amount of food you eat naturally.
20:14 The NRF2 pathway is stimulated by being on a ketogenic diet.
20:55 With hormesis, the dose gets better and better and then it gets toxic. You don’t know what dose you need to get better.
21:25 At the beginning of a ketogenic diet, you increase oxidative stress. With adaptation, the cell begins creating its own antioxidants in the same way it would to a phytochemical.
25:53 Inflammation is your body’s way of healing damage. Eliminating the damage reduces the need for inflammation.
26:35 Does an inflammatory or anti-inflammatory food reduce the need for inflammation or does it fight your body and prevent a response?
30:20 The carnivore diet has helped Amber be more emotionally resilient.
34:20 Amber never needed her thyroid or psych meds again.
37:45 Responses from Amber’s followers who do the carnivore diet report mood improvement, and reductions in autoimmune symptoms, reduction in arthritis, asthma, skin conditions and GI issues.
38:20 GI issues can be exacerbated with fiber intake.
43:32 Perhaps the biome has evolved to deal with a particular diet.
44:34 When you remove plants from your diet, shifts occur in your gut biome which look unhealthy if you were eating plants, but may be appropriate to the carnivore diet.
54:00 Amber’s elevator pitch to a vegan/vegetarian: Your physiology requires meat and is averse to plants. Think about the ethics of taking care of you.
58:10 Amber’s elevator pitch to a politician: Had they considered the history and pre-history that humans have with meat and its impact upon our evolution?
58:55 Amber’s desert island animal product: Ribeye because it is a ruminant with lots of fat.

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