Constipation on Keto, Coffee Enemas & Colonics w/ Marisol Teijeiro, ND

Marisol Teijeiro, ND specializes in helping her patients overcome constipation and improve health with coffee enemas and colon hydrotherapy.

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05:04 Colonic is the best tool to help heal the gut. It is the equivalent to 20 enemas.
06:35 Pouches in your large intestine may not get flushed with your bowel movements, causing reinfection and re-pollution into your body.
08:30 The liver and the gallbladder are stimulated to dump toxins with a colonic.
09:01 A healthy gut should have a 24 hour transit time.
10:25 Taking probiotics with an unhealthy gut is tantamount to putting paint over wallpaper. You have to remove the wallpaper.
10:52 Many of us can resolve many conditions within 4 to 6 weeks, with colonic hydrotherapy.
11:36 A colonic cleanse series should be done twice a year.
14:51 We are all exposed to chemicals/toxins and should do cleanses.
15:59 Washing can remove as much as 70% of the chemicals from your fruits and vegetables, even organic, which can be exposed to chemicals in handling.
17:22 Pooping properly starts with eating lots of vegetables, drinking lots of clean water, and drinking green tea.
18:34 Castor oil is a healing anointing oil.
19:10 Dr. Teijeiro uses Queen of Thrones Castor Oil and castor oil packs, which she created.
20:48 Castor oil reduces biofilm.
21:39 The molecular structure of castor oil is similar to prostaglandin E3, a natural anti-inflammatory molecule within our bodies.
22:15 Where you place a castor oil pack on your body stimulates the organs inside.
26:52 Beets are full of glycine, an amino acid that helps the liver detoxify. They also help to get your bowels moving.
27:32 Arugula’s bitterness stimulates the liver. Green tea can get your body cleaning in many different ways.
28:40 Fat with your coffee will reduce sugar throughout your system, but it will increase the amount of sugar in your gut, impacting candida and gut health.
30:00 Colonics can cost from $90 to $150.
30:56 If you cannot afford colonics, do regular water enemas, use castor oil packs and do magnesium flushes.
32:07 Dr. Teijeiro’s book, Oh, Shit comes out in the fall.

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