Dairy and Cancer

How do we explain the increased risk of prostate cancer but the decreased risk of colon cancer associated with dairy consumption?

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Whoa, that was a long one, but I didn’t want to break it up and lose the narrative thread. I hope it was clear enough. This may be one of those that require a second listen because I packed a bunch in there.

Here’s the video I mentioned: Is It Better to Drink a Little Alcohol than None at All? (

What about dairy for bone health? That’s controversial too. See Is Milk Good for Our Bones? (

What about those that say the dairy fat isn’t so bad after all? See Is Butter Really Back? What the Science Says (

What about plant milks? Check out Prostate Cancer and Organic Milk vs. Almond Milk (

For more on cancer in general, see: How Not to Die from Cancer (

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