Depression, Anxiety & Brain Health Improved w/ Flow – Jan Venter, MD

Dr. Jan Venter is a Functional Medicine and brain health specialist with a special clinical interest in using flow states to optimize brain health.

He’s the founder of the Flow Dojo in Vancouver, BC, where he practices family medicine.

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04:06 With neurofeedback, brainwaves are quantified by a computer.
04:53 With neuromodulation a signal is sent to the brain to help reset it. It can be a magnetic stimulus like TMF, electrical stimulus, or sending an electrical signal through your tongue to reset your pons and your brain stem.
05:21 Low B12 levels, poor nutrition, poor quality sleep, and lack of exercise directly impact the efficacy of treatment.
06:04 Flow state can help to heal your brain. It is a non-ordinary states of consciousness.
10:42 If you don’t get a good 8 to 8 ¼ hours of sleep at night, with 5 restorative REM cycles, you don’t clear your brain of debris, increasing risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. You also don’t go into a flow state.
13:29 Risk and Flow: 4% increased risk from what you are used to facilitates flow.
15:08 The Brain Benefits of Flow: In TBI and stroke, there is an increase in signal to noise ratio. Flow reduces noise. It switches off the pre-frontal cortex. It means that you are no longer relegated to using the damaged part of the brain, in stroke or TBI.
18:23 The Flow Cycle: You must struggle, setting off your cortisol and adrenaline. There must be a release of nitric oxide. In flow cycle you get dopamine, anandamide, endorphins and serotonin flowing. There is a restoration phase.
18:56 Float Tanks: Sensory deprivation effects the brain and accelerates learning.
21:57 Flow Genome Project Video: On this website find The Art of Flow.
25:08 Flow can be helpful with the neurological impairments of Lyme disease, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.
28:46 Nutrients that increase the amplitude in neurofeedback. Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), coenzyme Q10 or ubiquinol stimulate mitochondria, as does ketosis. Hydroxocobalamin, methylcobalamin and magnesium help with amplitude.
30:33 TBI/concussion causes gut permeability. Gut permeability leads to brain dysfunction. Vagal stimulation helps gut permeability and brain permeability.
33:05 Home Devices: Dr. Venter is the chief medical officer for HealthTech Connex. They developed an app called Brain Power that works with the Muse headband.
36:21 Brain Testing: Do an initial brain function assessment at age 45 and do it every 1 to 5 years thereafter depending upon your risk. Dr. Venter recommends the assessment protocol of Dr. Dale Bredesen.
38:21 Vitamin B12 can be used as a nootropic and it has more impact when they are in ketosis because mitochondria are in a more receptive state.
46:16 Sleep Requirements: Your brain needs to go through the 5 cycles to purge itself. It is like flushing the toilet.
50:14 If you don’t have energy, you do not sleep well. In order to sleep, you need mitochondrial energy. Ketosis purges mitochondria and gets them on line.

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