Exercise VS Physical Activity for Prevent Weight Regain w/ Krishna Doniparthi, MD

Board Certified Obesity Medicine specialist, Krishna Doniparthi, MD, FAARM, FOMA discusses fatty acid metabolism, nutrition and physical activity in the context of weight loss.


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02:15 Bariatric surgery is appropriate only when you have exhausted all other methods of weight loss or your health is in jeopardy.
06:32 Two to five years after weight loss surgery or medications, many patients have rebound weight gain. Nutrition and activity changes need to be permanent.
08:25 Physical activity does not cause weight loss, but it helps prevent weight regain. Physical activity is recommended over exercise. Focus on keeping your muscles active.
14:83 If you generate the anti-inflammatory stress hormone cortisol beyond typical use, it creates mid-section weight gain.
17:51 As we age we have lower levels of DHEA, the balance of cortisol.
18:30 Fat tissue can make its own aromatase, creating androgens. Extra production of dihydrotestosterone or estrogens, in men or women, are cancer creating environments.
19:58 The only place you can get rid of excess hormones relevant for weight loss and cancer is the liver. Ursodeoxicolic acid, or its nutritional form called TUDCA, will improve detoxification at the liver. Soluble and insoluble fiber helps to prevent the reabsorption of hormones in metabolites, preventing recirculation of hormones kicked out by the liver.
21:53 As people lose weight, the adipose tissue releases lipid soluble toxins and hormones. Dr. Doniparthi has is patients do a liver detox with every 8 to 10 pounds of body fat lost.
22:53 Regular daily bowel movements are important for enterohepatic recirculation. It is beneficial to eat raw vegetables and raw meat.
28:54 Food becomes process food the moment you pick it from the ground and start to do anything to your food.
32:37 Keto/Paleo/Mediterranean Diets employ the same principle: to lower the insulin response.
34:43 Do a liver detoxification step to enhance liver function, prior to beginning a ketogenic diet. Do it for 7 to 14 days.
36:45 Focusing on exclusively on “good” fats can be harmful if essential fatty acids are ignored. In the long term, we can gum up the phospholipid composition and the fatty acid composition of our cells, impeding function. Fatty acids, and especially phospholipids are the gate system for a cell
41:38 We need a variety of polyunsaturated fats in a small amount in our diets for our cell membrane physiology.
42:55 Continuously taking fish oil begins to tip the scale to the omega 3 side of fatty acids over omega 6s. It is better to eat cold water fish twice a week.
46:09 Your cell membrane fluidity is created by phosphatidylcholine. Sources of phosphatidylcholine are both plant based fatty acids and meat based. The best source of phosphatidylcholine is egg yolk.
50:22 We should gear the composition of our diets to reflect the composition of our bodies.
52:07 Ketosis and intermittent fasting is part of our heritage.
58:05 Dr. Doniparthi’s Morning Routine: While still in bed, he takes a few moments to think about his day. If he’s not hungry, he only has tea or coffee.
01:00:40 Dr. Doniparthi’s Desert Island Nutrient: His single food would be fish. His supplement would be a multivitamin/mineral. Between the two, much nutritional needs are covered.
01:01:41 Dr. Doniparthi’s favorite movement is walking. Walking uses most muscle groups. It is purposeful.
01:02:25 Dr. Doniparthi’s Elevator Pitch: Our nutrition must focus on real food. All of the chronic health conditions begin when we stray from real food. School meals should serve quality real food. Real food nutrition should be taught in school.

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