Hanging w/ Ben Bikman, Drew Manning & Steven Gundry, MD

I thought I’d bring you along on a typical podcast filing trip!

It’s usually a whirlwind, but hope you gather some insights and enjoy the behind the scenes cuts!

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Here’s links to a few things we discussed:

➢ Boost Testosterone w/ Squats & Deadlifts:

➢ MYOXCIENCE Sleep Formula:

➢Best Light for Hormones:

➢ Natura Health: I’ve been using these since 2007, they seem to work well. I like the Power Adapt, Botanabol and Vital Adapt combo.


Power Adapt:

Vital Adapt:

Night Gain:

➢! The makers of High Quality Exogenous Ketones and MCT Oil formulations

➢ Check out their new Keto Bar:

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