Immune Cells Use Sugar to Drive Inflammation w/ Alena Guggenheim, ND

This could be one of the most important discussions we’ve had up to now.

We discuss a rather complex topic: immunometabolism. This emerging field is the intersection between metabolism and immunity.

Understanding it is key to unraveling how metabolic therapies (ketogenic diet) and fasting affect the whole body; including the immune system.

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04:46 Your immune system can accidently attack the body or it may miss something that has gone wrong, like cancer growth.
05:12 The immune system, via inflammation, plays a role in all sorts of diseases and chronic diseases, like diabetes and heart disease.
05:44 Different parts of your immune system have different preferred food sources.
07:07 Our immune system has peacekeepers, T-regulatory cells and B-regulatory cells. The depletion of Treg and Breg cells is implicated in every autoimmune disease.
07:50 Everything the immune system does is metabolically costly and takes money, in the form of ATP.
09:30 The peacekeepers prefer fatty acid metabolism.
11:13 High CRP is not your body responding to any specific thing.
14:00 Metformin is being researched of its use in treating Lupus.
15:39 Mitochondria are responsible for metabolism, making energy in your cells.
16:57 Mitochondrial dysfunction is present in inflammatory disorders.
17:35 Our mitochondria are symbionts that probably came from bacteria and are vulnerable to some of the same things that damage bacteria, like antibiotics and pesticides.
19:16 You can only poison your mitochondria so much.
20:20 The cheapest and most effective mitochondrial nutrient is N-acetylcysteine.
21:46 Berberine is similar metabolically to Metformin, but there is not the body of evidence that there is with diabetic research.
24:58 If you don’t have enough mTOR, you will not get new cell building and you go into breakdown phase.
27:53 Beta hydroxybutyrate feeds your peacekeeper T-regs.
29:20 Macrophages are sentinels, to sense the general environment. They sense microbes, metabolism, nutrients, temperature and can probably sense light.
31:33 The macrophages inside visceral fat tend to be m2 and cause metabolic disturbance, increasing levels of inflammation.
36:18 T-reg signaling is dependent upon vitamin D.
38:04 Labs for immune, metabolic or hormone health are snapshots, especially with diurnal hormones.
42:01 The first thing you can do to improve your metabolic health is to follow the Okinawan Hara Hachi Bu. Eat until you are 80% full.
43:39 You cannot listen to your satiety signals if you eat quickly.
46:56 Dr. Guggenheim’s morning routine centers around her kids. First thing, she drinks something warm.
49:45 Dr. Guggenheim’s desert island nutrient is curcumin.
50:42 Dr. Guggenheim’s elevator pitch is a recommendation for a policy change to discontinue food subsidies.

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