Intermittent Fasting, Fat Loss & Bodyweight Exercises w/ Donny Mateaki

Up to now, much of the intermittent fasting (IF) research published up to now is conducted in overweight individuals.

But is the trendy feeding and fasting practice (Intermittent Fasting) helpful or harmful for physically active people?

Elite football player and coach to professional athletes, Donny Mateaki, weighs in.

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02:25 Donny’s family grew much of their food. This has fostered a sense of gratitude makes Donny more aware of food waste.
04:42 As a college athlete, Donny switched to eating quality organic food and performed better.
06:29 Only a small percentage of professional football players are aware of whole quality food nutrition, in Donny’s experience.
08:22 An injury caused Donny to re-evaluate everything: sleep quality, workouts and nutrition.
09:57 Raw Functional Training is using your body weight with varied movement patterns. It builds stability in your shoulders, hips and core and strengthens muscles.
11:07 Being able to “hit the wall” in training sessions, allows for a teachable moment, rather than waiting to “hit the wall” during a game.
11:57 Positive thinking at the point of exhaustion changes your physiology and gives you the ability to fight longer.
12:31 Grit differentiates elite athletes from all others.
19:23 Sports teaches life lessons faster.
20:16 Donny lost 50 pounds with time restricted feeding in 2 or 3 months.
24:32 With fasted state workouts, Donny finds that repetitions are better, but power has somewhat diminished.
25:39 Donny tapes his mouth for sleep and finds a profound difference in sleep quality and workout recovery.
27:27 Keto worked well for Donny.
28:37 Postural Restoration Institute exercises has been beneficial for Donny’s athletes and are part of his book.
33:50 Gym strength does not always transfer to the field due to poor movement quality.
34:53 The Crawl Series can be done as a warmup, a finisher or incorporate it into the workout once or twice a week.
38:10 People who did not crawl for long as a baby tend to experience more back pain later in life.
42:51 Donny’s morning routine: He prays and meditates first thing. He reviews his goals and writes things for which he is grateful. He reads for about 30 minutes before working and working out.
45:22 Donny’s desert island nutrient is kale.
46:33 Donny’s elevator pitch is to improve food quality in school. Get kids to eat real organic food.

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