Intermittent Fasting VS Low-Calorie Diets

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01:30: Alternate-Day Fasting VS Continuous Energy Restriction
02:56: Alternate-Day Fasting group had greater energy deficit, yet didn’t lost about the same amount of weight VS Continuous Energy Restriction group
03:40 Continuous Energy Restriction leads to a greater suppression in resting metabolic rate (RMR) long after the study compared to Alternate-Day Fasting
05:15 Fasting was first linked with health benefits in mice back in 1914
06:10: Your body doesn’t have a “calorie sensor” per se; glucose, fatty acids, amino acids and their metabolites influence metabolism but we don’t have a magical sensor for calories!
07:40: Energy absorption is different for everyone and may depend on the microbiome
11:50: Adaptive thermogenesis and weight-regain is more of a problem with calorie restriction

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