Ketones VS Glucose in the Brain, Press Pulse Therapy

This is part two of great interview w/ Miriam Kalamian Sorry it got cut off the first time

Here’s Part 1:

Back 2007, Miriam leveraged the ketogenic diet to help shrink her seven-year-old son’s brain tumor.

She shares top insights learned from the journey.

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00:27 The brain needs the energy equivalent of 130 grams of sugar, not 130 grams of carbohydrates. Sixty to 70 percent of this need can be met with ketones. Our bodies make the needed glucose.

01:25 A modified Atkins or a more liberalized ketogenic diet, is about 12 milligrams per deciliter higher in glucose on the average, which may mean the difference between a tumor growing or not growing.

03:21 Cancer robs glutamine from its neighbors.

04:40 Press Pulse Therapy is being researched for management of glutamine.

07:35 Keto is not the cure for cancer. It is an adjunct therapy.

08:06 In brain cancer, the results of ketogenic diet therapy is dramatic and people live many years past the initial prognosis.

10:04 You change the terrain to be inhospitable to cancer growth. It is not just about doing the ketogenic diet, but changing the lifestyle.

12:15 The ketogenic diet brought Miriam and her husband 6 ½ years of good quality of life time with their son before he died.

14:28 There may be cancers that do not respond to the ketogenic diet.

16:40 Drug therapies cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

19:33 Fasting helps with housekeeping, clearing out dead cells.

21:01 In a case study in Egypt of glioblastoma multiforme and Keto

23:30 Temozolomide (Temodar) may give methylating patients 2 ½ months.

29:00 A Diet Skeptics and Saboteur presentation is on Miriam’s website.

30:00 A ketogenic diet has potential for improving quality of ageing.

37:00 Strong abs or a daily walk makes for less constipation.

39:00 How you sit on the toilet makes a difference in defecation.

40:00The advised morning routine for someone with cancer.

47:00 Miriam’s favorite herbs or nutrients

48:00 Miriam’s elevator pitch

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