Mindset for Fat Loss w/ Drew Manning

Drew’s the author of Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit and Complete Keto.

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About this Show:

Drew gained over 75 pounds of fat in six months and lost it all six months later.
His weight gain and loss experiment helped him better understand the emotional struggles we all face when we strive to improve our health with diet and lifestyle change.

We explore ways to overcome emotional eating and limiting beliefs.

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03:15 Drew intentionally stopped exercising and gained 75 pounds of fat in 6 months to better understand his clients. He lost all of his new gained fat in 6 months.
04:40 Drew soon he started snoring, breathing heavy when going up stairs, and holding his breath to tie his shoes.
05:12 The greatest toll of the weight gain was on an mental and emotional level.
05:49 Transformation is more mental and emotional than most trainers think.
06:51 Food addiction is powerful. Fast food is convenient, tastes good and is addictive, like a drug.
07:48 It takes an overhaul of a person’s life and how they view food. Healthy looks different on every one of us.
09:40 The most success working with overweight people will come from spending 80% of the effort on mental and emotional challenges and 20% on the physical program and diet.
10:33 People need a support system, a community.
12:24 Apps or programs that involve money can be good motivators to achieve goals.
14:29 Losing the weight was much more difficult than he thought it would be.
16:03 Drew’s personality changed with his weight gain. His sleep was affected by snoring, which affected his hormones and energy levels. Testosterone dropped. Confidence dropped. His blood pressure increased.
17:00 Food affects you at a cellular level, affecting your hormones and gut bacteria. It changes who you really are.
19:42 Drew went from 5,000 calories of junk food to 2,000 calories of real whole food. The food tasted awful. He felt miserable for about 2 weeks.
21:19 Drew invited his followers to join him on his weight loss journey. He blogged about it honestly. The outlet helped him.
23:12 On the last 5 months of his weight loss journey, Drew worked out 5 days a week for 30 to 40 minutes.
24:00 The first 30 days of back to fit, Drew did not exercise. He wanted to show people how powerful nutrition is. He lost 19 pounds. His bloodwork when back to normal levels. His blood pressure came down and his testosterone more than doubled.
28:45 Love yourself, but always be working on a better version of yourself.
33:30 Drew changed the way he is raising his children. Meditation has helped Drew be truly present.
36:18 Drew’s ideal morning routine includes meditation with Joovv red light therapy, then positive affirmations, which he says aloud. He drinks lots of water with a pinch of sea salt. The then writes 3 to 5 things for which is his grateful, his to do list and his goals, which he says aloud.
40:25 Drew’s desert island nutrients are magnesium citrate or glycinate, as well as turmeric and a probiotic.
41:00 Drew’s elevator pitch is that we should tell the truth about what is healthy and not healthy, as well as use that truth in food policy.

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