The Carbs that are Worse than Sugar

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the carbs that are worse than sugar. Glycemic index is a scale of how fast the carbohydrate breaks down, gets absorb and raises blood glucose, if it is an excess it will turn into fat, cholesterol and triglycerides. The greater the index, the worst the food and could create more damage. Refined grain doesn’t have a fiber and fiber is a carbohydrate that has the potential to buffer or slow down the process with blood sugars. Just because certain foods are carbohydrates and not sugars, doesn’t mean it’s healthier.

Hey guys in this video, we are gonna talk about the carbs that are actually worse than sugar. And the reason why I am doing this video is because I had someone recently, I was in a conversation with them and they were consuming popcorn. In their mind, they thought because it is a carbohydrate and not a sugar, it is healthier than sugar so it made it okay to consume popcorn on the regular basis. So take a look at this, we have the glycemic index, what does that mean? The glycemic index is a scale of how fast the carbohydrate breaks down and gets absorbed and raises blood glucose. Of course if it is an excess it’s gonna turn into fat, cholesterol or triglycerides. So that is what the GI index is and the greater the index, the worst the food. Take a look at this, we have table sugar is 63. Rice is about 69. Popcorn depending on what type it is, there is different types of popcorn and whatever you put on in too can ranger anywhere between the highs 70s and the low 90s. Bread can go between 75 and 85 depending on what a bread it is. Refined bread because in the refined grains you don’t have the fiber and fiber is a carbohydrate but it actually has the potential to buffer or slow down this effect right here with blood sugars. Now the potato can also range too because the more that you cook it, the more the sugar molecules breakdown and the higher it is to this glycemic index. A raw potato would be way down here but who’s gonna consume a raw potato. They’re gonna cook it, they’re gonna boil it and they are gonna mashed it or they are gonna have this instant potato which is pretty high. Maltodextrine is really high, it is probably one of the highest and that’s in a lot of things as well. The point is that these starches, these carbohydrates are worst than sugar because they are higher on the glycemic index and it would create more damage. So just because certain foods are carbohydrates and not sugars, it doesn’t mean that they are healthier. You just have to understand the glycemic index. And lastly the carbohydrates that you wanna focus on are the vegetable carbohydrates because you have the fiber that feeds the colon bacteria which actually will help fuel the body because your body can’t digest fiber but the microbes can, so basically the fiber gives this microbes the food. In exchange, they give you this healthy, it’s called the butyric acid that then helps regulate blood sugars. It actually helps your blood sugars and it’s loaded with fiber but is low in sugar and it is high in nutrients.

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