Vitamin K2 and Pathological Calcification

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0:06 What is pathological calcification?
0:45 Pathological calcification basics
2:45 About vitamin K2
4:55 What about vitamin K1?
5:47 Triage theory
6:45 Why people have calcium building up in the wrong place
7:24 What to do
7:47 A preventative measure

In this video, we’re going to talk about vitamin K2 and pathological calcification. 

What is pathological calcification?
This is a condition in the body where calcium is developing in the wrong places. 

It can be involved in the:

• Arteries 
• Stomach 
• Kidneys
• Lungs
• Breast tissue
• Cornea

Pathological calcification basics:

• Calcium is developing in the soft tissues, not in the bone
• The calcium could be developing to act as a bandaid because there is oxidation in the vascular system or a certain part of the body
• You may not have enough vitamin E or selenium to protect the oxidative lesion
• You may have ischemia adding to the problem 
• Calcium tends to accumulate in certain parts of the body involving the control of pH—the tissue is too alkaline
• Nanobacteria are the smallest known bacteria. They hide in calcium shells to protect themselves, and they’re almost impossible to kill with antibiotics. They are also involved in many diseases that have calcification connected to it. 

Vitamin K2 is involved in about 17 different proteins involving the movement of calcium out of the soft tissue and back into the bone. Vitamin K2 is a common vitamin deficiency. 

Foods high in vitamin K2:

• Organ meats
• Egg yolks
• Butter
• Hard cheeses
• Goose liver
• Natto (fermented soybeans)

Foods rich in vitamin K1:

• Leafy greens 

I believe the more common reasons why so many people have calcium building up in the wrong places are: 

• They don’t have enough vitamin K1 to convert to K2
• They aren’t consuming enough K2
• Antibiotics
• Statins
• Digestive issues 
• Fatty liver
• Low vitamin E combined with sugar and carbs

What to do if you have calcification:

• Take fulvic acid
• Take EDTA
• Take vitamin K2
• Consume more vitamin K1 (leafy greens)

If you don’t have any calcification symptoms, as a preventative measure, you should do healthy keto.

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