What is a Gallbladder Attack?

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Today, we’re going to talk about the gallbladder. I want to explain exactly what a gallbladder attack is. 

What is the gallbladder?
The gallbladder is a sack that hangs underneath your right rib cage. 

What does the gallbladder do?
The purpose of the gallbladder is to store and concentrate bile salts. Bile salts act like detergents that help you break down fats, and extract essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins. Another purpose of bile is to eliminate excess cholesterol. 

Key points you should know about bile:

• A person’s bile production should be between 27-34 oz (400-800 ml) per day
• Bile should be a yellow, brown, or olive green color
• It takes 500 mg of cholesterol per day to make bile

What causes gallbladder attacks?

The liver makes the bile and comes down through small tubes to be stored in the gallbladder. Usually, with a gallbladder attack, a stone gets stuck in one of the small tubes. When the stone gets stuck, the pressure is going to cause a lot of pain. 

What causes gallstones?

A gallstone is mostly made of cholesterol. But, you need a certain amount of cholesterol. If you go on a low-fat diet, your risk of gallstones actually goes up. A lack of bile is what forms these stones. 

The 3 main causes of gallstones:

• High insulin
• High cortisol
• High estrogen

Gallbladder attack symptoms:

1. Stomach pain
2. Nauseous
3. Right shoulder pain
4. Pain under the right rib cage

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