Will Bulletproof Coffee Break My Fast?


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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about will drinking bulletproof coffee break fasting. Bulletproof coffee is adding MCT oil, butter or whole cream to the coffee. It will not increase blood sugars and it might raise the ketone level. Bulletproof coffee won’t break the fast but it will slow down your weight loss because the body doesn’t have to produce its own ketones and it can rely on the ketones from the fats on this coffee.

Hey guys so I want to talk about this common confusion that keeps coming up over and over again, will drinking bulletproof coffee break my fast. So when you are doing bulletproof coffee you are actually adding MCT Oil and butter. And sometimes people just add whole cream and they blend it up and consume it. Now, if you actually check the blood sugars after consuming this bulletproof coffee, it generally won’t raise the sugars on most people. At some people it might but generally it won’t. In fact it might even raise the ketone level. So it actually help you produce ketones. But here’s the thing, we have to look at the definition of what is it mean break the fast. Cause if we look at the underlying goal for most people they want to know not if it breaks my fast, but is it gonna stop me losing weight. I think that is a better question. And it is going to stop you from losing weight because your body is gonna turn these into ketones and use that as a fuel and not have to tap into its own reserve and use your own fat as ketones for fuel. To summarize, will it break my fast? well, not if your definition of breaking the fast is raising the blood sugar. But it will slow down your weight loss because your body doesn’t have to produce its own ketones, it can rely on the ketones of these fats. Hope that will clarify that.

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