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4 Ways to Improve HIIT Workouts for Increased Fat Loss

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4 Ways to Improve HIIT Training for Increased Fat Loss – Thomas DeLauer

When it comes down to high intensity interval training, every single second and every little percentage makes a huge difference. So what I want to do in this video is I want to give you four drastic ways to improve your HIIT training, ways that are going to absolutely change how your body responds to HIIT, but also change how your mind looks at HIIT.

All right, so where do we begin? Well, first off, let’s start with probably the most important thing, doing HIIT properly and following the proper ratio. What I mean by this is so many people out there do high intensity interval training with the wrong ratio. They focus on like a 1:1 ratio, meaning they’ll do like 30 seconds of exercise and 30 seconds of recovery. But here’s what we have to remember. With HIIT, to have it be effective, you have to be focusing on the anaerobic system. That means that you need to be pushing it to your absolute max to tap into that energy system. What that means is that that 30 seconds activity needs to be as close to 100% of your max intensity as possible, to the point where at 31 seconds, you’d ultimately collapse.

Now, here’s the thing. 30 seconds of rest is not going to give you enough recovery to do that again and again and again. So a 1:1 ratio, 30 seconds intensity and 30 seconds off, just isn’t going to cut it. You need a longer rest, so you need more like a 1:2, but realistically, more preferably, a 1:3 or 1:4 ratio of activity to recovery. So we’re talking like 30 seconds of activity, following by two, maybe even two and a half minutes of recovery, whatever allows you to get the maximum effort during your interval. That’s where the magic happens, is during the time that you’re sprinting, during the high-intensity portion. Not during the recovery.

If you’re keeping your heart rate elevated the whole time, and not letting yourself recover, you’re not even doing intervals, you’re just doing high-intensity training and keeping your heart rate up all the time, and that’s using more of the aerobic system than anything else. That is how you lose muscle, not how you burn fat.

Number two, do it fasted. You can do high intensity interval training fasted. Let me first and foremost completely tell you that there is a lot of science now that is proving that you’re not going to burn muscle if you train in a fasted state.


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