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6 Keto Foods Loaded with Potassium!

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6 Keto Foods Loaded with Potassium! – Thomas DeLauer

I’m going to make this quick for you. I want to make it really easy so you can just wham, bam, get out of here, get on with your day. Potassium is super, super important with any kind of lifestyle, but with keto, it becomes even more important. Potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, sodium. Those what are I think are the five pinnacles when it comes down to the minerals on keto. So we need some sources to get potassium on keto because you’re not going to be going around munching on bananas like they always say you should to get potassium when you’re on keto so we’ll break it down and make it simple. Stick with me because you’re going to get some fun facts. You could easily just look at the board and leave this video but come on, give me the time of day and watch my video. All right?

Let’s dive in. All right? You see my joke there? Potassium element K, keto. So one, avocados. Avocados are potassium royalty. Seriously they are like the most nutrient-dense and potassium-rich food that’s out there, let alone on keto. One avocado equals 1,000 milligrams of potassium. That’s more potassium than the average person gets throughout their entire day with all their food. Avocados, monounsaturated fats, potassium, good to go. It’s going to make it so your body functions better, you have the balance of sodium-potassium that makes it so you don’t have water retention, it makes it so that your muscles can actually fire properly, and it gets rid of those pesky keto headaches.

Number two, spinach. 100 grams of spinach gives you 500 milligrams of potassium, and it’s way less dense. What that means is you can have 100 grams of spinach, cook it up, saute it with a little coconut oil and it’s like a couple tablespoons and you’re still getting 500 milligrams. It’s way calorically dense. You get by a lot more potassium from spinach per calorie than you do for avocados, right? So much better in that respect. Don’t worry about the oxalates. People always complain, “Oh, the oxalates are going to chelate all the minerals.” No, they’re going to chelate calcium and some of these other minerals that are easy to chelate, not potassium.

Next up, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds. Flax are probably the best out of all of this because it does have the best omega-3 profile. Even though it’s alphalinoleic acid and doesn’t have the same conversion process yada yada, it’s still the best out of all of these. All of these are looking between 300 and 400 milligrams per 200 calorie serving. That’s a pretty good bang for your buck potassium to calorie wise. If you want to talk about nuts really quick, hazelnuts are going to be the highest potassium nut. Also very high monounsaturated fats and of course high potassium. Granted they’re not the best omega profile, so you want to have those in moderation.

Number four, tuna, halibut, and cod. Again, 300 to 500 milligrams per 100 gram serving. If you’re going to opt for one of these, opt for cod. Cod has a very high amount of iodine in it which is another mineral that’s very important for your thyroid. If you want to keep your metabolism strong, you got to take care of this old butterfly gland, your thyroid. Super important. Cod is going to be a best source of iodine so you don’t have to use cruddy iodized salt anymore.

Next up, pork and liver, but lean cuts of pork. Doesn’t mean you eat a bunch of bacon. Potassium is not hanging out in the fat rib in a bacon. It’s hanging out in the good quality lean meat portion of pork. What we want is we want the lean cuts that are going to give you about 400 milligrams of potassium per 100 gram serving, and just so you know, liver contains active retinol palmitate which is the only real way to get good bioavailable Vitamin A and not only through liver but you can get it through some fish and stuff but it’s a very strong source there with liver, so very, very good for your eyesight, very good for liver health, very good for your skin, very good for mitochondrial health, which is also good on keto.

If you’re eating these foods, you’re going to be okay. The headaches are going to subside, you’re going to have more energy and your muscles are going to be able to contract and you’re going to ultimately get well on your way to your weight loss goals so please keep it locked in here on my channel and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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