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At Home HIIT Workout – Follow Along Tabata Workout

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Tabata Workout

– 20-25 minutes
– 30 seconds on, 20 seconds off


– dumbbell deadlift
– jump rope
– plyo jumps
– medicine ball tosses
– waiters & suitcase carries
– burpees
– dumbbell squats

At Home HIIT Workout – Follow Along Tabata Workout – Thomas DeLauer

Alright, so something different today. This is going to be a follow along Tabata workout.

This isn’t something I do every day. This is something more along the lines of something I do once or twice per week as a form of my high intensity interval training.

But a lot of people have been wanting me to do follow along workout videos, so why the heck not? So here’s what you’re going to need for this, okay?

It’s going to be a 20 to 25 minute round depending on how far you want to go. I’m going to make it 20 minutes today.

If you want to take it for 25 minutes and do another lap around, you totally can.

So with Tabatas, you set a period of time that you are going to work with a specific period of time that you were going to rest.

A lot of times people will do 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, or 10 seconds on, 20 seconds off, and you just keep it moving.

So I want enough weight where I feel like I’m going to feel fatigued at the end off 30 seconds, okay? Then I’ve got a med ball. In this case it’s a 20 pounder.

Pick one of these up. You can get them for like $15, $20 bucks, at Big Five or, you know, Dick’s Sporting Goods or whatever. They’re pretty inexpensive. Or get them on Amazon.

So I’m using 20 pounds, you know, go with whatever weight you want to use. We’re going to be doing some thrusters. So we’re actually going to be doing squat to thrust, doing a little bit plyometric effect. Okay, try to get some kind of plyo step, okay?

If you don’t have a plyo step, use a shorter step. And I’ll tell you the modification when we get going. Basically instead of doing a jump up, you’re going to do just some kind of simple shuffle step. And then you’re going to need a jump rope.

I use one that has the bearings in it so I can move a little bit quicker. Then if you like, you can either use dumbbells or you can use kettlebells because we’re going to do one specific core move, which you’re going to see obviously.

But basically we’re going to take one dumbbell up overhead and one dumbbell or kettlebell down at your sides, okay?

So it’s going to be a suitcase carry, followed by a waiter carry on the other side. So all that means is waiter carry is up above your head. Suitcase carries is down at your side.

We’re going to do it opposing that we were working in some mobility into the process as well, okay?

And then lastly, I’m going to add burpees into the mix, but we’re going to do them at a different rate. We’re not going to do traditional burpees, we’re going to do burpees where we’re holding with a plank for five seconds.

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