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Avoid September Health Disasters

Thicker clothing, more layers, heavier foods, less sunshine, busier schedules, insufficient sleep, colder weather, and dry, heated air can result in a health disaster.

Is it any wonder that people experience the symptoms of extraordinary elimination from now until spring? Elimination is one of the basic processes for all living things. Normally, our cells continuously eliminate everything they can that is deemed excess, metabolic waste, or toxic. Via the lymphatic system, these materials are brought to the blood. The liver and/or the kidneys then deal with this waste, efficiently and effectively, without us ever being aware of the fact than anything is happening at all. With similar ease, again without notice, we eliminate excess carbon dioxide as part of every exhalation. Our mucus membranes produce sufficient mucus to trap and transport various unwanted substances, including but not limited to airborne particles, pollen, dirt, dust, mold and other spores, construction debris, irritants, and other foreign matter. Usually, the elimination of mucus also occurs with little or no notice on our part. Essentially, such elimination can be considered as part of how the body maintains itself, an integral and necessary part of getting and staying well.

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