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Clean Keto Shopping at Costco – Grocery Haul

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Clean Keto Shopping at Costco – Grocery Haul – Thomas DeLauer
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All right. One of my favorite things on keto is oysters. Mildly spiced. The cottonseed oil they put them isn’t the best and you can’t usually find oysters in water. Yeah, cottonseed oil. Just give them a good bath. It’s not … When I say give them a bath, just rinse them. It’s not something that I would highly recommend all the time, just so you know, but I am a sucker for smoked oysters and they are a great way to get some good quality fats in. There’s a lot of recent science coming out saying that clams, oysters, mussels, anything like that is actually really, really, really solid and one of the best amino acid profiles that you can find.

Here’s some interesting things. When you get sardines at a discount store, sardines are one of the highest omega-3 content fish that you can possibly find. Very inexpensive. The hard part is, almost always when they’re in oil, they’re going to be in soybean oil, which is just not good. I try to get them in water whenever possible, but a lot of times, you can find ones that are in mustard. This one’s got mustard flour which is just mustard. Acetic acid is literally just vinegar. It’s got the corn starch and the turmeric color, the xanthan. It’s got a bunch of other stuff which I don’t like. Let’s see what we got here.

I would hate to say it, but when you look at the ingredients, soybean oil sucks, okay? It’s not good. Try to get it in water, but if you’re limited with your selection, people will say, “Oh, get it in the mustard sauce. There’s less fat.” Guys, we’ve got the Xanthan gum, we’ve got modified corn starch, we’ve got all these other colorings compared to that. When in doubt, less ingredients is going to be better. I’m going to get a couple things of sardines. I’m going to get them in the oil and I’m going to make sure I wash them really thoroughly, and then I’ve also got my oysters. My wife makes me eat the oysters outside. If I eat them, she says go outside because she doesn’t like the smell of them, she thinks they’re horribly disgusting, and a lot of people do. If you agree, you can comment down below, whatever, so I have to eat them outside. I call it my smoke break because it’s my smoked oysters break.

Let’s see what we’ve got in the way of tuna. I’ve talked about this in other videos too. We’ve got chunk light tuna in oil or … Sorry, we want to get this in water if we did. Chunk light in water versus solid white tuna in water. Both in water. Which one’s going to be better? Most people are going to look at this and they’re going to say, “Oh, the protein content in the albacore is better.” The mercury content and the toxic effect of what is in albacore is significantly worse than chunk light. Chunk light is a smaller tuna, albacore is bigger. It’s going to … Also more dense, so if you’re going to go with the tuna, go with the actual chunk light. It’s really not that bad. The other thing you can do is you can go with skipjack and skipjack is really good because it’s much more sustainably caught. I’m going to go and I’m going to grab some skipjack. This is perfect. Now I’ve got lunch food, I mean I’ve got my dinner, I’ve got my lunch if I want to make a tuna salad. I may need to find some mayonnaise. I might have walked past it earlier but that’s pretty good stuff there.

What’s this? [inaudible] sardines in … This would be cool if it didn’t have the sugar. I just saw some bigger sardines there. It’s an interesting store.

All right, so eggs can be sketchy. I love my eggs, but it’s hard to get good quality ones. Try to get eggs honestly, locally. That’s going to be the best bet with eggs, but again, I get it, you’re on a budget. Kind of brings up the question, like what’s better, free range or organic? Free range if not organic doesn’t mean much of anything. It just means that they’re out on the range and they still feed them the same garbage, right? At least with organic, they might be in a cage, but at least the grain and the soy and the stuff that they’re feeding them is organic. When you’re trying to figure out between free range or organic, go for organic.

I’m happy to fly to a different part of the country to really done one other different grocery store. I don’t have Kroger’s on the West Coast so maybe I’ll fly somewhere to do a Kroger’s. Anyhow, thank you all very much. See you soon.

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