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Dont Lose Your Summer Health Gains this September

Back to school and work means a tremendous amount of sitting.
Make sure that all of your summer’s health gains are not lost this month.

From a health perspective, the long cold winter need not start any sooner than necessary. With its short and cold days, limited exposure to sunlight, and way too many sedentary indoor options,
the winter can be a potential health disaster. The solution is to draw the summer out, making the wondrous season and all its benefits last as long as possible. While it might be tempting to hit
the books hard, or go back to work after the summer holidays and get as much done as possible during the 90 days before “the lost month” is upon us, do not give up your hard-earned fitness and those healthy adaptations to the outdoor life too easily. Take advantage of the long, sunny autumn afternoons by being productive in the great outdoors. The garden needs putting to bed,
the leaves need raking, and when it’s warm enough, there is plenty of recreating yet to be had this year.

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