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Eliminate the Contradictions Between your Beliefs and Actions

Strive to eliminate the contradictions between your beliefs and your actions.

We all know how challenging it is to remain congruent. There are many expressions that denote our appreciation for how rare this quality truly is (hence, Diogenes of Sinope and his search for the honest man), and our delight in discovering someone who “walks his/her talk.” Taken on all at once, living in congruency can be an overwhelming task. Instead, it is something to live with,
to work upon, and to build, bit by bit. Whenever and wherever incongruence is exposed in your life, make the necessary adjustments. Seek out and read, listen to, or watch the appropriate
information in order for you to learn how to overcome each individual challenge to your congruence. Sure, these procedures take time. But in the process, you learn, and you grow as a person.

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