Weight Loss

Heal Your Body with Fasting

The body heals itself rapidly during a fast, often recovering from a lifetime of abuse in a matter of weeks.

Fasting frees up bandwidth, energy, for the body to utilize in its self-healing efforts. Some researchers have speculated that the body could heal itself from virtually all types and degrees of
damage, if it was given sufficient energy. Tim Allen made the phrase, “more power” famous. Before Tim Allen, Montgomery Christopher Jorgensen “Scotty” Scott, chief engineer of the
Starship Enterprise from the original Star Trek television series, made famous the phrase, “She hasn’t got the power, Captain,” when referring to his beloved ship at times that Captain Kirk had
asked him to do the impossible. The idea of diverting energy from one function to another more important one is not new. This concept, sometimes referred to as “Robbing Peter in order to pay
Paul,” is often utilized by the body when dealing with differing types of emergencies. During a fast, the body gains access to massive quantities of extra energy, which it can divert from digestive and muscular functions and apply to its own healing efforts. Still, the energy available to the body during a fast is limited. When we refer to “the limitation of matter,” that degree of bodily damage beyond which the body cannot heal itself, we are actually paying homage to the limited supply of healing energy available to the body.

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