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How much sleep do you really need? Enough

How much sleep do you really need? Enough.

Anything less than enough sleep qualifies as “not enough.” Did you sleep enough last night? Can you remember the last time you slept enough? Do you bounce out of bed with the excitement and enthusiasm of a five-year-old, or do you drag yourself out of bed solely because there are things you simply “have to” do. Are you bright and cheery when you wake up, or are you Mr. or Ms. Grumpy? When you rise, do you shine? Are you ready to take on the world, or is your ‘get up and go’ still asleep? Do you yawn your way through your day, or are you energetic and raring to go? How would you like it if you sat at the table but you did not get to eat as much as you wanted, and knew you never would? How about if a fire alarm or some other absolute emergency interrupted you in mid-flow while urinating, every time? If you did not get to finish a project, or finish exercising, or finish practically anything, you would not be happy about it. Do you ever even wonder why we are so casual and accepting of the fact that we rarely get to sleep as much as we would prefer?

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