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How to Get Rid of The Last 10 Lbs of Fat

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How to Get Rid of The Last 10 Lbs of Fat – Thomas DeLauer

Okay, so first and foremost I have to touch on what you’re going to do to stop what you’re doing now. Even if what you’re doing right now is good, I need you to stop it and do this.

You need to have some form of leptin reset. Now, this sounds generic and some of you might turn off the video because basically it’s something you’ve problem heard before.

Leptin is something that communicates with your brain. It’s produced by fat cells, and it calls the brain and it says hey brain, we have enough fat on hand, so we can go ahead and speed up the metabolism.

The first things first, we need to spike our leptin. Now, this isn’t like a trick. This is just to put us back to square one. Spike your leptin, and quite frankly, as much as I don’t like to say it, leptin responds better to carbohydrates.

Whether you’re keto, fasting, or whatever, spike your leptin with a very, very low fat, high healthy carbohydrate meal. So, lower glycemic. We’re talking lentil, pasta.

Drop the fats down 25% from what you were doing before, regardless of what you were doing before. 25% decrease. The point is, don’t even bother exercising. We have to start from square one. What ends up happening is this.

People a lot of times will throw in all the stops. They’ll change their diet and they’ll also change their workout and they’ll also change their supplements in some last ditch effort to try to lose a few pounds.

We have to be incremental. We have to be strategic. Otherwise, what else can we implement? Nothing will work. The other issue that ends up happening is when you do all those things at once and you do have success, there’s no way to measure which one gave you success.

For example, if I started intermittent fasting today and also started taking a bunch of fat burners and also started doing high intensity interval training all today and I had immense success over the next week, guess what? I can’t pinpoint where the success came from.

You have to start from day one. Leptin spike with clean carbs. You’re reborn. Forget everything you used to know, forget everything about my videos, and start from square one. Keto, fasting. But, reduce the fats by 25%. Then, do no cardio, no workout for at least a week. Then, add the workouts in.

Just the weight training. One week later, add the cardio in. I promise you, you will see a result that way because you are getting regiment.

Lastly, something you probably never thought you’d hear me say, log your food and get regimented. Because, once again, if you’re not logging your food and you’re not taking the strategic time in between meals to not eat, you’re never going to lose the last 10 pounds. So, write down your food. Your breakfast, your snack, your lunch, your snack, your dinner.

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