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I Need to Vent. Current State of my Health (dark circles, etc)

Before I Decide Not to Post this video… it’s time to be honest and raw with a few things. I’m doing this so that I DO NOT shut this channel down.

I’ve spent my entire life being judged, and it’s helped me to grow into what I am today. I would never change a thing.

But I feel that it’s time that awareness is made of what goes into creating content and being a personal brand. It’s something that we sign up for when we do what we do, but it’s not a one size fits all approach.

We’re held to standards that are entirely impossible to uphold. If I’m seen enjoying a meal with my family, I can be ridiculed and called a liar because what I eat doesn’t line up with ONE OF MY VIDEOS.

I’ve received all kinds of threats to my life, my family, and daily threats to my character, but it certainly doesn’t stop me from doing what I do…. Because I enjoy doing it and I know it is MY PATH.

I have the guts to be vulnerable. To show when something irks me or truly cuts me deep. I do this because this Is not the 1800’s where it’s cool to suck it up and be a tough guy. To me, showing transparency is the opposite of weakness.

I hope that this can help people get through rough times and understand that even those that seem so powerful around them are human too.

Thomas DeLauer is not a machine. I am
A human. A human with a family that I love and with a history of my own. I’m not some A List celebrity that gets a fat paycheck and a security guard.

I’m a self made authority that uses his own funds from his previous day jobs to make this all a reality and to help people. It often bites me in the behind, but when it all comes down to it, I know the world needs this.

So yes, I will be tired sometimes. Yes, I will look like I just woke up from underneath a pontoon boat in lake Havasu sometimes. Yes, I will even get sick sometimes. It doesn’t mean I am unhealthy. If anything, it means the opposite. It means you’re seeing a REAL Thomas DeLauer. Not some fabricated, polished, hair-and-makeup phony.

So like me for my wrinkles, my dark circles, my sometimes dehydrated face or not, but stick around for the content, because that’s what I’m here to deliver.

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I Need to Vent! Current State of my Health (dark circles, etc)

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