Weight Loss

Increase Longevity in Sports By Improving Body Mechanics

Under conditions of high stress, body mechanics must be excellent, or something is going to give.

A well-tuned Formula 1 racecar could likely drive at 60 miles an hour for tens of thousands of miles, stopping only now and then for fuel and for the drivers to relieve themselves, without ever experiencing mechanical failure of any kind. But put that same car through the rigors of a race day, alternating between slamming on the brakes and pounding the accelerator, thousands of high-speed gear shifts, endless high G-force turns, and running at top speed for extended periods of time, and only a few cars out of every dozen will complete a three-hour race without experiencing technical difficulties, or worse, complete mechanical breakdown.
Every part of the machine must run perfectly, or under conditions of high mechanical stress, it will fail.

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