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Mediterranean Keto Diet Meal Plan – What to Eat in a Day

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Special Thanks to my team and Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford Ketone PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student – for working diligently on research as well!

Mediterranean Keto Diet Meal Plan – What to Eat in a Day – Thomas DeLauer

For a full breakdown of the diet, make sure to watch the entire video!

The internet likes to compare and contrast keto to other diets because webpage titles like “What’s better, low-fat or low-carb?” are click bait.

In other words, simplicity sells. However, this habit of the media overreaches its bounds when it sets keto against a Mediterranean diet.

This is because, while low-carb and low-fat diets are fundamentally opposed, keto and Mediterranean are not. A ketogenic diet is about your macronutrient breakdown.

By definition, it doesn’t really matter where those macronutrients come from, so long as you get into ketosis. By contrast, a Mediterranean diet only cares where those macronutrients come from.

In other words, keto is flexible with respect to macronutrient sources and Mediterranean is flexible with respect to macronutrient proportions. These two diets, or groups of diets, are defined by different axes and are, therefore, complimentary.

A Mediterranean diet is rich in healthy whole foods and basically devoid of processed foods. It often includes lots of Omega-3-rich seafood and monounsaturated-rich olive oil and olives.

While fish and fat are keto-friendly, a Mediterranean diet is more liberal in the way of produce. It can not only include non-starchy vegetables, but also starchy vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains.

A keto diet is defined by the state of ketosis. While it’s 100% a good idea to eat a clean keto diet devoid of processed foods, it’s not required.

Furthermore, foods rich in saturated fats that are not as popular on a Mediterranean diet, such as red meat and dairy products (and coconut products), are hallmarks of many ketogenic diets. This may be for a few reasons:

(i) red meat and dairy are more readily available and cheaper, at least in America;
(ii) many people may have developed a taste preference for red meat and dairy;
(iii) since high-fat red meat and dairy are portrayed as “unhealthy” foods by the standard nutritional guidelines, they became a forbidden fruit, so to speak, making their consumption extra gratifying.

Notice, however, the tendency of individuals on a ketogenic diet to eat saturated-fat rich oils and protein sources is driven primarily by psychosocial factors, not nutritional factors.

As always, keep it locked in here on my channel. I’ll see you in the next video.

Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford Ketone PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student:

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