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Obtain all of your Nutrient Needs on a Raw Vegan Diet

In the world of nutritional science, we know of several hundred thousand nutrients. Some of these nutrients, such as carnitine, we manufacture ourselves, within our own bodies. Some come
from outside sources, and not at all from our food, such as in the case of Vitamin D from the sun, or the extrinsic factor portion of vitamin B-12, which comes from microbes. We know of at least
200,000 nutrients that are only found in plants, and can only be obtained from plants. Other than the nutrients we manufacture ourselves, and the ones that come from outside sources and not our food in the first place, there are no nutrients that are essential for human health that can be obtained from animals but not from plants. None. Plants truly supply us with everything we need in order to be well-nourished. Period. End of story. Plants do the entire job. No ifs, ands, or buts required.

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-peak performance for any athlete
-perfect weight no matter what your body type
-off-the-charts wellness
-success with a low-fat vegan raw food diet
-simplicity in your lifestyle
-a healthy relationship with your food
-and enviable vitality


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