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Ordering Keto and Fasting Drinks at Starbucks – Day in the Life VLOG

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Ordering Keto and Fasting Drinks at Starbucks – Day in the Life VLOG – Thomas DeLauer

So last time I did a vlogging style video, people really liked it, kind of the day in the life type of stuff and just what I do day in and day out so what I wanted to do in this video is break down actually going to Starbucks for different instances. So for example, when you’re fasting, what can you go get at Starbucks or what would I go get at Starbucks? Or if you’re deep in keto and you just want a good treat, what would you get from Starbucks? Or if you are just looking for something a little bit different, just all kinds of things, we’re gonna break down three different situations in which you might go to Starbucks.

Now this in no way, shape or form is an endorsement or condoning Starbucks. I just understand that wherever you are in the world, more than likely you can probably come across a Starbucks but first and foremost, I gotta get some gas so let’s go ahead and do this.

The first thing that I want to go do is I’m gonna go just through a drive through Starbucks and I’m gonna get a fasting beverage. So I’m gonna get one that I would normally get if I was say just in the middle of a fast, maybe mid morning or so, and I want a little bit of caffeine and I just didn’t want any ambiguity with stuff. I just wanted to have it be pretty straightforward. Like no artificial sweeteners, nothing like that.

So, the reason that I got half black, half green. So, black tea has a much higher caffeine content. With black tea, the tea leaves are a little bit older. So, they mature, they get more caffeine in them. It’s pretty much what happens in a lot of cases. But it’s the fact that they’re actually essentially cooked for longer, so they actually end up having a little bit more acid.

With green tea, it’s a fresher, younger, green tea leaf. So, like matcha, for instance, is one that’s a very young green tea leaf. Like super, like they’re baby green tea leaves. So, they end up having a higher amount of polyphenols and things like that in it. In this case, the nice thing is having the theanine which is in green tea sort of counteracts some of the stimulants that you get from the black tea. And what I mean by that is, theanine’s going to help promote basically the production of what’s called gamma-Aminobutyric acid. And I talk about that in all my videos all the time. It’s called GABA. GABA helps you relax.

With this next keto drink, you can be on a road trip, you can feel like you can get the right amount of calories in. People always think when you order a latte that you have to order it with two percent or skim milk. But there’s a specific way of ordering a latte that actually works really well with keto, and actually makes it taste phenomenal. Now, full disclaimer again, there’s a lot of calories in it. The reason I’m not a big fan of dairy also, by the way, isn’t because of the lactose. It’s because of the specific proteins that are in it. The proteins are hard to digest. Okay, so we’re talking like A1 casein proteins. Talking about BCM7, basically an opioid. Very difficult for the body to break down. That’s why even cottage cheese and stuff like that, although it’s a good protein and works on keto, it is very hard for the human body to break it down from an immune standpoint. Not even from a digestion standpoint.

So, like here I ordered a tall nitro cold brew, okay, so cold brew coffee, with an inch and a half of almond milk added to it, and then two stevia. Okay? That makes this drink taste phenomenal. Okay? Good amount of caffeine in it. It’s definitely a good pre-workout. I would get it without the almond milk if I was training fasted. Okay? The almond milk would technically break a fast. But this is something like, if I’m doing a borderline fast or a liquid fast, like this would be perfect. I’ll just have this in place of breakfast. It’s like maybe 40 calories, if that. Nitro cold brew. It is regular cold brew coffee, but all that happens is they infuse nitrogen into it. When you infuse nitrogen into it, you create micro bubbles. So, nitrogen is what’s called an inert gas. And I did a video on this too. An inert gas, it has no like elemental effect. It’s just a pure elemental nitrogen in its gas form. It’s not doing anything in the body. It doesn’t even mix with this. It creates micro bubbles.

So, just to recap: Half black, half green. Okay? We’ve got the breve latte, half caff with blonde espresso as one of them. And then we’ve got the nitro cold brew with an inch and a half of almond milk and two stevia monk fruit packets, which is the standard healthy sweetener from Starbucks. Still has some erythritol in it, so technically I would say it would break a fast.

All right, comments down below. As always, I will see you in the next video.

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