Weight Loss

Practice Makes Perfect – Dr Doug Graham

If you want to do something well, you have to do it often. Make healthful living a habit.

Awareness is the first step toward making lifestyle changes. Heightening your awareness of an issue will make it much easier for you to put attention on the matter. Acute awareness is all but
impossible to ignore. The following is a simple and painless drill that will aid in heightening your awareness of your personal health habits. Putting your habits under the bright light of scrutiny will motivate you to make the lifestyle modifications you desire. Likely, you know what you need to be doing in order to improve your health. In case you are not certain, however, make a list with three columns. In the first column, the “always” column, list all the
health-building and health-destroying practices that you find yourself performing on a daily basis. In the middle column, the “sometimes” column, list all those that you participate in occasionally (“occasionally” could be defined as anything ranging from less than daily to only a few times per decade). I suggest making the middle column by far the widest of the three, so as to accommodate and demonstrate the broad spectrum between “always” and “never.” In the third column, the “never” column, list all the health-builders and health-destroyers in which you never take part.

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