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Responding to Fasting Comments (Your Questions Answered)

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Responding to Fasting Comments (Your Questions Answered) – Thomas DeLauer

It’s time for some intermittent fasting Q and A, but we’re not stopping there. We’re going all the way down the line from the videos that were posted on my channel the week of October 29th. So what I have here is I have a bunch of questions that all came from my channel for all the videos that were posted last week. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and down the list, and I’m going to answer some of the most common questions

So the first video is How To Do Intermittent Fasting: The Complete Guide. This video absolutely wrecked shop. I cannot believe how many views it already has. It clearly, clearly had the information that people wanted, so some great questions. So first one I want to answer. The wandasncredible Channel says, “How long should someone dry fast for? I’ve been doing short dry fasts six hours, three days a week, but I’m re-watching your fasting video and you’re saying should regularly fast 16 hours.” All right. Essentially, I want to answer this quickly. Dry fasting is extreme and you should really be pushing it a little bit further than six hours, but doing it infrequently. So let the extremist, for lack of a better term, of the dry fast really do the work. So like maybe every three months or so do a good maybe 24 hour dry fast and you’ll be in good shape.

All right, so Shayan Givehchian, I think I’m saying that right, says, “I usually start my fast around 4:00 PM, usually drinking a protein shake, and then work out late at night, and break my fast in the morning. Is that going to lead to muscle loss because I don’t eat before or after my workout?” First and foremost, no, it’s definitely not. In fact, training in the middle of your fasting period is quite good. That way you’re putting yourself in a great, great opportunity to burn some fat, so don’t even worry about that at all. You’re going to be a far enough position into your fast that you’re going to have those ketone bodies that are actually protecting your muscle to begin with. See, it’s that beta-hydroxybutyrate, those ketone bodies that are produced when you’re fasting, those actually promote protein synthesis and actually stop the breakdown of proteins, so you’re good.

Okay. The next video, Popular Food Myths: Thanksgiving Dinner Debunked. Keto Trucker says, “Hey, Thomas. I normally brine my turkey with brown sugar, water, and salt. Is there an alternative to using brown sugar?” Actually, the Lakanto stuff that I talk about, the Lakanto Monkfruit Erythritol mix, that’s the way to go. That’s definitely going to be a really solid one. They have a golden version too, so it’s almost like using brown sugar.

So TheBulgarianWolf says, “Does orexin get suppressed when you frequently overeat, or is there a different reason?” So in that video I talk about orexin and how it has a role in terms of fat loss and how it has a role in terms of gastric emptying and all that. Yes, in short, if you overeat a lot, orexin does get suppressed because it is released when you are eating a large amount. So if you overeat a lot, you’re not going to have as much of a result with it and not going to get the benefit that occurs sometimes.

All right, and then we have the next video was … This was another really big one … How Long Should You Wait Between Meals. This one was very popular. Monkey.D Gzuz says, “If calories in and calories out matter, and this closed technical system formula explains our biological bodies, why even care about insulin to lose fat? Why detox, like you’re telling?” No. Calories in and calories out matter, but it matters at a different scale from what we might always look at. I say we always look at calories in, calories out over the course of 24 hours, but we shouldn’t be doing that. Twenty-four hours is manmade. We should be looking at it over the course of different time. Okay. So in this hour, my calories in, calories out might be different from another hour. My hormones might be causing my resting metabolic rate to be more elevated at this very point in time than three hours from now. So that’s kind of my point there.

All right, here’s the killer video. This video absolutely dominated, so I’ve got a few questions from this one. This was Fasting: What You CAN and CANNOT Drink. All right, so Oloblish says, “What about Yerba Mate? It has one gram of fiber.” You know, Yerba Mate for some reason on the nutrition facts says it has fiber, but it’s no different than any other tea. So in my opinion, you’re still good to go.

Guys, as always, make sure you’re keeping it tuned in with all my videos, and post your comments in the videos because this is where we pull all these questions from. As always, keep it locked in here on my channel, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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