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Stress the similarities between yourself and other people

Stress the similarities between yourself and other people.

Sometimes, in our efforts to demonstrate to others something that is new or profound to us, we make a big deal and talk about it endlessly. We “wear it on our sleeve,” as the saying goes. We
go overboard, talking about the new information, often even when our companions show nointerest at all. We become the proverbial ‘pain in the butt,’ the one people dread spending time with. We feel a great urgency to get our important information through to our loved ones, but the more we persist, the less likely we become of ever succeeding. Rather than convince othersof the importance of our message, we alienate them, and instead of garnering their support, we succeed only in drawing the exact opposite response than that which we were hoping for. The very people we most hope to enlist as our firmest supporters seem instead to rebel, fight us at
every turn, and often enough, to run in the opposite direction from the one toward which we were guiding them. People prefer to initiate their own changes, to think for themselves, and to be the ones guiding their own destiny. More often than not, they will fight back when they feel forced, or even pressured, to make changes that were not of their own design. How can we best bridge this gap?

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