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Most people understand that when they get tired, all they need to do is take some rest and they will feel better. Resting is how the body frees up energy from other processes and functions in
order to redirect that energy into its own healing powers. A limited amount of energy is always going into the processes of healing, repair, and renewal. When we rest, we allow the body to
make maximal use of its innate healing powers. Perhaps the fact that this reality is so obvious is what makes such a simple truth so difficult for many to see in the conscious parts of their brains.
Fasting is resting taken to a high art form, so it follows logically that during and immediately following a fast is the time when the body will be most able to regenerate and renew itself, mustering its healing forces to its utmost. Some scientists have studied lizards and other animals capable of growing new tails and other parts, and theorized that for humans too, amazing healing is also conceivably possible. They have suggested that things such as regeneration of limbs or regrowth of various organs could be within our capability, if only the body could access sufficient healing energy. When we fast, we make more healing energy available to the body than at any other time.

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