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The price of health is not negotiable

The price of health is not negotiable.

 “This watch usually sells $499, but I can let you have it today for $399.”
 “Can I get a better price on these bananas if I buy an entire case?”
 “I respect your asking price for your house, but I am wondering if you are open to taking a somewhat lower offer?”
 Sign in car window: “Original owner, 89,000 miles, runs great, excellent condition.
$1999 OBO.”

Practically everything is negotiable these days. But if you want to experience a lifetime of
uncompromised, high-level health, you must pay the full price. Health cannot be attained at a discount. If you compromise your regimen, you compromise your health. There are no exceptions, no time-outs, nothing that you can get away with. Health must be earned again and again, bit by bit, bite by bite, through all of your choices and decisions, every single day. Health care is something like hair care: you can comb and brush your hair till it is perfect, but then a few hours later, you have to do it again. You cannot comb your hair continuously for an hour in the hope of not having to do it again for the next several days. We all love the idea of getting something for nothing, but the reality is that health requires commitment. There are consequences for everything we do. People all want the results, in different ways, but can find living healthfully challenging.

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