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Vitamin C and Fasting: Use Caution During Your Fast

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Do NOT Take Vitamin C During a Fast – Thomas DeLauer

We’ve discussed at length how important Vitamin C is for us, but should you take it WHILE you are fasting? THIS IS IMPORTANT!!

Study – Rejuvenation Research

This study was designed as a 10-week double-crossover trial, consisting of two 3-week treatment periods – IF and IF with antioxidant supplementation (vitamin C & E)

During the first fasting period, participants ate a structured diet and during the second three week period, they ate that diet and also consumed Vitamin C and Vitamin E during the fasting window

Researchers wanted to focus on how fasting affected cells, and not weight loss, so participants ate 175% of their normal daily calorie intake on feasting days, and 25% of their normal daily intake on fasting days to prevent weight loss

Looked to see if taking antioxidants in the second fasting period would block the free radicals caused by the fasting, preventing the cells from becoming more resilient

In other words, they wanted to know if Vitamin C and E would shelter cells


Specifically, there was a 2.7% increase in SIRT3 expression due to the IF diet, but no change in expression of other genes or oxidative stress markers analyzed – when participants took daily oral supplements of Vitamin C and E, the benefits from fasting disappeared

In turns out that some level of ROS production is required for the normal regulation of autophagy as well

A team of researchers at the University of Cambridge explored the relationship between autophagy and the production or reactive oxidative species

They found that it is possible to induce autophagy without increasing toxic ROS, but SOME antioxidants do reduce autophagy

However, they looked at N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), cystamine (in the pipeline as a potential HD treatment), and glutathione

All three impaired the induction of autophagy by trehalose, as did vitamin E

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