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Weekly Q&A | Accelerate Fasting | HIIT | Keto & No Gallbladder

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Weekly Q&A | Accelerate Fasting | HIIT | Keto & No Gallbladder – Thomas DeLauer

Reason to do HIIT Cardio: Boost Autophagy without Fasting

Chamanlal Sharma

So HIIT for autophagy and LIT for building muscle. Correct?

J.R. Anderson

Does the study referenced mention what type of eating regiment the control groups were on? If they weren’t on keto, how would a ketogenic diet affect the results? Would HIIT or MCT be more beneficial?

Matthew Smith

Thomas how do you feel about Plyometrics(jump training)? Im curious where this falls into autophagy? Is it basically just another form of HIIT?

Little Voice

I heard that taking vitamin c decreases autophagy due to its anti inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Is this true for all vitamins or just vitamin c?

5 Ways to Accelerate Fasting

Jaden Price

Instead of drinking just water could I drink apple cider vinegar water throughout my day? I don’t mind the taste. Also is 2 tbs of acv good enough for 8oz. Any suggestions?

isaac steinman

What about bikram yoga? Saunas are high heat and good to sit in 15 to 20 minutes. Bikram or hot yoga is moderate high temperatures but for a much longer time while being active, 60 to 90 minutes. Do you have an opinion and/or any science on the effects of that?


By adding green tea, does it have to have caffeine? I’d like to use it, but I’m allergic to caffeine. Thanks for keeping the INCREDIBLE videos coming. You’re the best!

Black Oblivion

Wait, why green tea vs coffee? I thought coffee was better for that

Rules for Keto with no Gallbladder

Michael Ewerth

What do you think about taking Ox bile? Lost my Gall Bladder about 4 years ago.
Side note, I have been iF/time restricted eating(16:8, 17:7, 18:6, 19:5, 20:4) since June and it has been very helpful.

Rene M

What if you’ve had gastric bypass and had your gallbladder removed? Does the keto lifestyle change?

Carla Brodhagen

How much and how would I take the apple cider vinegar?


What about no gallbladder AND no thyroid? My sister is missing both. I still want to convince her to try keto though.

Jessica Cruz

I don’t have a gallbladder and I’m only a week into my keto diet. Still trying to learn as much as I can, My question is how do I use MCT oil, everywhere I look it’s just people pouring it into their coffee! I hate coffee and I’m not about to start drinking it, so what exactly do I do with the MCT oil?

Is Calf Size Genetic? (I have small calves)


What about the opposite problem? I’m a woman with calves that are too large. I used to be very heavy (113 lb heavier, in fact), and it seems that walking around with an extra 100 lb really built up my calves. Any suggestions for leaning them out?

Bridgette Kelley

What about someone having a super hard time losing fat on the calf? My grandmother, my mom and I are identicical twins in ours calf’s. They have a little more fat in them. I cannot get them lean and smaller 😩 what kind of exercises should I do?? Please help lol
Collagen has Interesting Effects on Sleep & Brain Function

Bharat MV

I heard that collagen is best absorbed with Vitamin-C like lemon? Is it true? Do you recommend mixing collagen with something else when its drunk or used in breads, cookies etc.?

Lolita Maeweathers

Do you recommend collagen peptides added to coffee; etc? How often should you take a collagen supplement?


Help me out here: if you eat dietary collagen, it’s going to be digested as protein, then broken down into amino acids. From there, doesn’t the body decide where and what proteins to create? In other words, isn’t taking a collagen supplement in the hopes of boosting collagen production in the body a total waste, both nutritionally and financially?

viktor tikka

A lot of talk out here that collagen supplements will cause side effects so its best to get it from natural sources? what the difference of collagen peptides vs natural collagen?

marc murphy

Excellent video, if collagen is a protein do we include it in our protein intake if in ketosis? Or is it not counted due to the way the body is going to be using it?

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