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Weekly Q&A – Fasting Plateaus | Vegan Keto | Foods for Autophagy

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Weekly Q&A – Fasting Plateaus | Vegan Keto | Foods for Autophagy – Thomas DeLauer

How to Boost Autophagy without Fasting

Vasile Stana – Thomas, what about putting that mushroom powder in a large cup of green tea instead of plain hot water?

Milan Cukvas – Does drinking plain tea count as H2O hydration needed for the day when fasting?

Fast Fat vs Slow Fat – The Speed of Fat Digestion

Niko Kritikos – Hey Thomas, quick question, how does the antioxidant properties of fasting compare to antioxidants in foods?

Nick Nguyen – Question: some ppl who dont have gallbladder, meaning dont have bile salt, so cant break down triglycerides into micelles. Do those triglycerides (or fat) get stored as stored fat or get dumped out of the body in the stool?

Stephanie Acosta – What about the fats that we have stored to be used? Is it broken down the same way? Is it a LCT?

tamra townsend – so should we avoid rapid fats near bed time and aim for longer fats? Or aim to have most of our fats earlier in the day?

3 Ways to Break Intermittent Fasting Plateaus

Baris Karalar – Really enjoying your videos man, what about lets say keeping 18/6 but changing eating hours throughout the week? Like some days eating 8 am to 2 pm, other days 2 pm to 8 pm? Thanks

Iulian Ionescu – So, do you recommend applying all these 3 techniques at the same time? Meaning, the 2 weeks that I am taking off standard IF should be the same weeks where I do the Keto bulk and shift workouts? Or should they be stacked one after the other?

Tay Roriz – Would you still get the same fat burning effect working out fasted with 10g of BCAA’s? I feel like I can only work out with BCAA’s – otherwise I always feel burnt out without it. I know it technically breaks my fast, but theoretically, with this improving my performance heavily without actually consuming any calories, wouldn’t I still get much better results?

Michael Pancotti – Hi Thomas & thanks for the video. Just a question…how often should you take these two week breaks?

Why Carbs are Raising your Blood Pressure (and why everyone PUNISHES Salt)

David Reyes – Do you recommend electrolyte supplements? Salt sticks etc. Is Powerade zero ok in keto? Should i stick to lemon water and pink himalaya salt?

Mary-Jane Chambers – What are the best sources of low carb potassium? I’m not eating sweet potatoes or bananas

Sarah Windmueller – Hi Thomas as for the soy protein, aren’t they not all bad for you? Isn’t fermented soy like tempeh, natto, and miso much healthier for you than tofu? Are the fermented soy like miso and tempeh still a phytoestrogen?

Vegan Keto – It’s Easier than You Think

kass _ – thoughts on hemp protein?

Mikecreativision – One question on the topic of omega 6 and omega 3 conversion rates and that omage 6 inhibits omega 3 intake: my understanding is, that omega 6 and omega 3 both rely on the same enzymes and for that reason too much omega 6 is bad. If that’s true it would be sufficient to separate consumption of omega 3 and omega 6 to some extent. You have more info on this topic?

The Fit Vegan Chick’s Kitchen – Are chickpeas ok on a keto vegan diets???

Bharat MV – Why are you not a big fan of whey? Is whey protein as nutrition-less as the pasteurized milk that it is obtained from? Please specify details.

Top 3 Mistakes People Make when Breaking a Fast

Patricia Beetschen – So…what do you break your 18/6 fast with if you are in Keto?? Examples please.

Jack Buster – Thomas, in other videos you talk about breaking your fast with bone broth. Can I use bone broth protein powder?

Emily Mabry – Breaking fast with homemade kefir is that good or bad?

Nathan Niyazov – Thomas does this apply to someone doing One meal a day?

TheJoeCham – Would bulletproof coffee count as that first small meal which breaks the fast ?

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