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Weekly Q&A | Foods that Break a Fast | Alcohol & Estrogen | How to Measure Ketosis

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Weekly Q&A | Foods that Break a Fast | Alcohol & Estrogen | How to Measure Ketosis – Thomas DeLauer

Stop Buying Expensive Mayo: Here’s how to Make it CHEAP

Jason Simpson

How much does that make and how long will it last in the fridge?

Rico Ramirez

Great video….thanks. One question: How many calories are in the mayo that you made in this video?


I don’t understand about adding the oil in so slowly because I read that just making mine a few days ago for the first time but since I don’t have a stand mixer I blended everything at the same time and it still worked out great perfect mayo but you said something about the proteins? So am wondering if it’s still okay to blend it or is there a reason it’s bad ? Do you have to add slowly for health reasons?

BHL by Jill

How long does it last in the fridge and if you can’t use it quick enough can you freeze it without destroying its nutrients?

Adventurous Ones

ill someone please explain what is wrong with pure olive oil? I have noticed that most keto gurus don’t use Olive oil. Yet studied have shown that it is beneficial to heart health

Basics of Fat Loss | Simple Science that You can Use

Sana Aamir

Dear Thomas I just really admire your study, but I am very much confused about the role of beta blockers, as l am consuming them for the last 15 years, also l think that these have resulted in slowing down my metabolism and my efforts to lose fat and putting on muscle mass at the same time even after a very restricted diet schedule and very hard work for the past two years. Looking forward for an expert’s advice. Thank you.


Question: If I’m taking Beta Blockers for hypertension, Keto isn’t going to work for me? Please respond:)

Freek Wijffels

So how do I activate those hormones to start the HSL which brakes down fat? That’s the real questions.

Sheila G

The fatty acid breakdown going into the liver, explains (maybe) why my glucose can rise when fasting ?

Measure Effect of Keto & Fasting on Fat Loss | Simple Formula

TheNew Brazy999

Whats your thoughts on coffee and mTor suppression if taken after a workout , will coffee slow muscle growth?

luke Airborne

Is cordyceps and chaga coffee good for this stuff just like actual coffee?

b scribbs88

How do you tell after a while on keto when your body’s become fully fat adaptive ??

Zach Payne

Hey Thomas, I was thinking about getting creatine and I’ve heard creatine monohydrate is best on keto but someone told me creatine monohydrate bloats you and Ive watched videos saying that bloating prevents weight loss or slows it down on keto. what are your opinions?

Franz Wiebe

Hey Thomas, great video and love that formula… just a question… when would you measure GKI, after or before workout (or in middle of training)?
Love your work bro!

Vince D

Does the MOJO strips measure both at the same time with the same strip??

Effect of Alcohol on Estrogen – Best and Worst Choices

Sohaib Salama

Alcohol before bed can disrupt the sleep ?


What about those new Keto friendly wines that are out? Are those safe to drink on occasion?

Randy Allen

Where does tequila stand in your rating of acceptable alcohol? Thanks

Himanshu Mishra

When I plan to drink.. I usually don’t eat & take electrolytes throughout the day.. I drink distilled vodka with no food.. Sometime I take glutathione.. Is there anything I’m missing on?

Mm Mm

Thanks Thomas! This is a topic I needed and will benefit from!
How about a sliding scale of drinks that are friendliest for Keto and IF? Everclear, whiskey, and vodka on the top? Then red wine? Then lighter beers? Then white wine?
Followed by dark beers and sugary mix drinks on the bottom?


Wine!!!???? Too much sugar ???
Red or White???
Please talk about it.. Thanks Thomas… your videos are always so helpful!!!🙏🏾

5 Unusual Things that Break a Fast

Noah Gordon

What about flouride in your tap water that doesnt get filtered in the Brita?

JanetLynnDavis Com

Green tea and coffee has antioxidants. Are those ok?

How about Thyroid meds in the morning would that because its a hormone?


Hi Thomas, does Clove break a fast?

Igor Ciric

Am I gonna break my fast with magnesium?

Jose Mora

Hi Thomas, I understand taking EAAs will break your fast, but will there be any benefits of taking them? For example, preventing any musculoskeletal injuries or reducing damaging stress on the nervous system? Thank you.


Does blood pressure medication break the fast?


Great video Thomas.
What about electrolytes?

Dtgeah Dge

Hey Thomas does pill capsules break a fast? And what about taking herbs like ashwagandha ginseng rhodiola will those break your fast too?

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