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The best way to get what you want is from the people who already have it.

Let’s face it. We rub off on each other. If you want success, hang with successful people. Athletes have learned, all too often the hard way, that the people they choose to associate with really does matter. Negative influences can easily take them down a road to destinations they really do not wish to visit. For the best coaching, go to the best coaches. Business people long ago determined that if they want great results, they must go to consultants who specialise in exactly the results the business people want. Even mountain climbers use guides, people who have been there before, to get them where they want to go. As the old saying goes, “If you hang around with dogs, you will soon enough have fleas.” If you wish to be successful, in any area of life, spend your time with the people who already have success in your area of interest, and watch how quickly their success rubs off on you.

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