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What is Coconut Oil Fasting? Fat Fasting as a Diet Reset

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What is Coconut Oil Fasting? Fat Fasting as a Diet Reset – Thomas DeLauer

Maybe you’re getting a little tired of intermittent fasting, you’re getting a little tired of traditional keto and you just want to do something different.

I call it fat fasting, and it’s just like the name implies. You’re going a period of time where you’re just consuming fats.

You’re not completely fasting, you’re not doing the traditional keto diet. You’re taking a day or two where you’re just consuming fats. There’s a lot of benefits to this and there’s a lot of reasons behind it.

When you do a fat fast, it’ll break down how to do it, the whole goal is you’re getting calories in without any kind of blood sugar spikes. Okay? What happens a lot of times when you consume protein, or of course when you consume even a negligible amount of carbs, it does affect your insulin levels.

It does affect your blood sugar to some degree. Gluconeogenesis, although it is demand driven, which means that when you consume protein, it does convert to carbohydrates or sugar to some degree, that is going to affect your blood sugar.

One thing that I’ve noticed in time is that when I consume protein first thing in the morning, there is a big difference in how I feel mentally compared to when I’m fasting.

Now, I still feel great when I consume protein. Please don’t get me wrong. Protein is not bad at all, meat’s not bad. I’m not saying that. I’m just saying I notice a difference when I’m fasting versus when I have a little bit of food, a little bit of protein.

Throughout this sort of measurement of my cognitive awareness, I wanted to test some things.

Have your bulletproof coffee, have your keto coffee with a little bit of butter or a little bit of ghee or a little bit of MCT oil. Have that in your coffee, that’s your breakfast.

I encourage you to stay away from things like the Avocados and stuff like that simply because there are a little bit of carbohydrates in there and a little, like, one or two grams of protein, depending on the Avocado.

This goes for whatever your basal metabolic rate is or whatever your normal calorie intake is. If you’re normally consuming 4,000 calories, then you’re going to consume 1000 calories coming from fats, and you’re going to spread them out throughout the day with different kinds of fats.

This is something that is going to help you reset the metabolism. It is going to break up the day a little bit. It’s going to break up the week, and it’s going to make it so that you can get back on your intermittent fasting regimen and quite possibly even break through a plateau.

If you’re not wanting to do a full length two or three day fast, switch it over to a fat fast for a day or two and you’re going to see some pretty awesome results.

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