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What is the Whole30 Diet – Honest Review

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What is the Whole30 Diet – Honest Review – Thomas DeLauer

What You Can Eat

– Meat
– Poultry
– Fish
– Veggies
– Fruits
– Fats

What You Can’t Eat
– No sugar or natural or artificial sweeteners
– No booze
– No smoking
– No grains
– No beans or legumes (no chickpeas, no peanut butter)
– No soy
– No dairy (no greek yogurt)
– No processed additives (Carrageenan, sulfites, MSG)
– No fake treats with Whole30-approved ingredients (Cauliflower crust pizza and Paleo pancakes are off-limits)

There have been a lot of my subscribers asking me to do a review on the Whole 30 Diet. Now, if you’ve gone into your local grocery store, you’ve probably seen a Whole 30 book there, a Whole 30 recipe book. And quite honestly, it’s a little bit of a difficult diet to understand on the surface, so I understand why so many people have asked questions.

Let me first off say, this is not a Keto diet, this is not a fasting protocol, this is flat-out going to be my review of a specific diet. Now, the thing is, I have personal experience with the Whole 30 Diet and I think it’s actually a pretty darn good program. Here’s the thing. My wife suffered from autoimmune conditions. She had Lyme Disease, she had Hashimoto Disorder, which is a thyroid condition. So it’s where her immune system attacks her own thyroid. It’s an autoimmune condition.

But, anyway, let me talk about the Whole 30 Diet for a minute. The Whole 30 Diet is very similar to something known as an autoimmune paleo diet. The Whole idea is to eliminate inflammatory foods from the diet. So we’re eliminating grains, we’re eliminating legumes, we’re eliminating things that would normally elicit any kind of inflammatory response within the body.

Now, with the Whole 30, she really does a good job of making it very, very paleo-esque, meaning you’re still eating foods that taste good, you’re still eating seeds, you’re still eating things that allow you to get that taste and that crunch that you would want. You’re just eliminating the foods that would normally cause inflammation. We’re talking about dairy, we’re talking about legumes, we’re talking about grains, we’re talking about gluten, and really, we’re getting creative with how we make recipes.

So the autoimmune paleo protocol is a specific protocol where you not only eat these kinds of foods, but then you slowly indoctrinate foods that would be inflammatory to test your response. So I’m gonna give you an example of how it worked with my wife. Now, my wife didn’t specifically do the Whole 30 Diet, she did more of an autoimmune paleo protocol, which is very, very similar to the Whole 30. So I can speak from experience here.

So what she would do is she would eat very, very bland. Extremely bland, non-inflammatory foods. I’m talking a pretty boring diet at first. We’re talking like chicken without a lot of seasonings, chicken without any kind of fun stuff on it. We’re like talking like basic chicken with salt and maybe a little bit of pepper. No cayenne pepper, because cayenne pepper’s a nightshade and technically would be inflammatory. So it’s very limited.

Then we would use things like tapioca starch. We’d use arrow root powder and we’d make thin crusts and things like that out of that, because you don’t wanna be using any kind of grains. You don’t wanna be using any kind of flours, you don’t wanna any glutens. So very, very baseline. And then, what we would do, is slowly, over time, start indoctrinating foods.

So the first that she would test out is she would test out some egg yolks. So after a period of like 60 to 90 days of eating exceptionally, exceptionally clean, she would introduce egg yolks into her diet, and she would measure her inflammatory response. However, some of this could very much be perception. So that inflammatory response could be a placebo effect on the body. But if you introduce a food, you can measure your own response. Do you get bloated? Do you get a rash? Do you get a headache?

But as always, I just wanted to lay out the facts, let you know that it’s not Keto, it’s not fasting. So those of you that are on this channel that are doing Keto and fasting, it’s probably not the diet for you. But it is a good way to start introducing carbs and seeing how your body responds to it, if you are wondering what your body’s going to do when you eat something.

So, as always, keep it locked in here on my channel. If you have ideas for future videos or there’s other diets that you’re just interested in learning about and want an expert opinion on, I’m happy to provide the details. As always, keep it locked in here. I’ll see you in the next video.

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